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Scream 5 (stylized as 5CREAM) is a fanfiction by Votesmall. The story's tagline is: "Someone's taken their love of prequels one step too far." It is intended to be the final installment in the series.

Fair warning, this fanfiction will be extremely graphic but also close to the real films. Reader discretion is advised.

Plot SummaryEdit



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Taking place directly after the events of SCRE4M, 5CREAM begins with the fact that Sidney Prescott has just fatally shot her own cousin, Jill Roberts, in the heart with Sheriff Dewey Riley's Glock 17 pistol. Gale runs off to get help and Sidney looks at her dead relative's body with remorse. Meanwhile, outside the reporters are proclaiming Jill to be the hero. It won't be until fifteen minutes later when Jill is actually revealed to be the other Ghostface killer, who framed Trevor to be Charlie Walker's accomplice. Doctors stitch Sidney back up and she gets some more bed rest with morphine. The next day she discovers that Jill's best friend, Kirby Reed, did survive the attacks, but just barely. She was stabbed twice in the stomach by Charlie, who didn't put his heart into it because his thoughts were clouded with his affection for her, therefore not making sure that she was dead. Kirby needed immediate medical attention but she did survive after a surgery. There are only four survivors of this killing spree.

One year later, Sidney has moved to a ranch in Wyoming, where she is writing her second novel, Into the Light, the sequel to her first self-help book, Out of Darkness. Much like in Scream 3, her whereabouts are largely unknown, but not as secret, since she is no longer an agoraphobic. Only Dewey, Gale and Kirby know where she lives, however, she does go into town often. The week before Halloween, Sidney decides to go to her home of Northern California to again publicize the book, and discovers that Kirby has moved to Sacramento to finish her senior year of high school. Dewey is continuing as the sheriff of Woodsboro, and Gale is doing well, having finally overcome her writer's block and written two novels. Sidney and Kirby are both still feeling the effects of their wounds. Sidney and Kirby are both ridden with PTSD and their scars make it difficult to move. Sidney decides to head to Sacramento to promote the book and check up on Kirby. Gale and Dewey decide to take a short break from their daily lives and accompany her. Kirby is very happy to see them and invites them to the haunted house that her new school is having that evening in the gym. Sidney, although reluctant, agrees. At the haunted house, Sidney meets some of Kirby's new friends. The shy Todd Balstrow, Summer, Veronica, Kevin, Mindy, Heather, Trish and Jim. Sidney is nervous to see most of the patrons or scarers dressed in various versions of the Father Death outfits, made popular by the Stab films and the Ghostface copycat murder sprees. Dewey and Gale get Sidney to calm down, and they decide to go through the haunted house. Many people dressed as Ghostface jump out at her and Sidney decides to leave a little early and return to her hotel room, still traumatized from the previous murder spree. However, Sidney's leaving proves to be unfortunate. Trish is called on her cellphone during a break, by a menacing caller who she thinks is a trickster. Trish hangs up on the person against his demands. She then returns to scaring patrons in a corner of the haunted house, jumping out at people in a Father Death outfit.

She fails to notice a large eight-inch hunting knife silently slicing through the black plastic wall of the haunted house, allowing Ghostface to slip inside unseen. Trish turns around only to be stabbed viciously by the killer. People going through the haunted house think it is a cool publicity stunt, and therefore do not help Trish. After the patrons have left, Ghostface quickly disembowels Trish and hangs her from the metal top of the haunted house by her own entrails, before making a quick escape. The next patrons in the house discover Trish's butchered corpse and scream. The school gym is evacuated and the coroners take her body away. Kirby is greatly shaken once again, and loses her calm and collected persona she previously gained back after her recovery. Sidney sees the reports of the latest Ghostface copycat murder spree on the news and is shocked. Sidney arranges to leave town quickly but gets a call from Dewey. She picks up the call and asks Dewey what he needs, only to find that it is really Ghostface, who has faked Dewey's caller ID. Ghostface taunts Sidney, claiming that all of her friends will die horrible deaths if she attempts to leave town. He then hangs up. Sidney calls his bluff and leaves town.

Stopping in a gas station outside of town, she discovers a news bulletin proclaiming that the retired Woodsboro sheriff, Burke, has been killed by Ghostface. He was called by Ghostface, and after hanging up on the killer, had his dead dog thrown through a window, having been skinned by the killer. Ghostface then attacked Burke, who opened fire with his 1970s-era Browning Hi-Power pistol, but failed to hit the killer. He then hid in the bathroom and attempted to flee the house after he thought it was safe, but Ghostface attacked him from behind and stabbed him in the mouth, cutting out his tongue, causing him to pass out. The killer then left him to drown in his own blood. Realizing that the killer is making good on his promises, Sidney returns to Sacramento, not wanting more of her friends to die. Sidney talks to Dewey and agrees to stay in town, working with the Sacramento police department to help solve the murders. She realizes that in order to move on with her life, she must face the murders, and not keep running away. The next day, Kirby returns to school where she learns of Burke's death. That same day, while playing hooky from class, Kevin goes into the elevator where he answers a call from Ghostface. Ghostface asks him a question about horror movie prequels, and when he gets it wrong, Ghostface stabs him in the head from above the car. He pulls the body into the shaft as Veronica boards next, looking for Kevin. She spots Kevin's blood and while she is distracted by this, Ghostface drops Kevin's body into the car, terrifying Veronica. She desperately attempts to escape the elevator, but Ghostface jumps down, ramming Veronica into the wall and stabbing her in the stomach hard. Veronica recovers from this and attempts to flee the car after the bumpers open, only to be kicked in the face. She falls to the ground yet attempts to crawl to a nearby classroom to get help. This fails when Ghostface drags her back into the elevator.

Later in the day, having missed several class periods, the office starts looking for the students. Kevin's body is found in the elevator, and they are horrified to find that Kevin's lungs have been ripped right out of his ribcage. They later find Veronica shoved into her own locker, blood dripping from it. At first they think that Veronica is just unconscious, but then they turn her over and find that her spine has been ripped out of her back. Kirby is shaken that now four of her friends have been murdered, and Sidney is shocked at the brutality of the murder spree, which mirrors the first one in its levels of graphic violence. Sidney feels a deadly feeling of Deja Vu and decides to investigate what genre the killer is patterning the murders after. Following some digging, Kirby deduces that the killer is modeling the killing spree after the horror prequel genre.

The rules of a prequel:

  1. Largely the same rules as a remake, most prominently the killer is always behind you, or above you. 
  2. Provide something old and something new. 
  3. Connect the old and the new.
  4. The body count will be higher than the previous film, but only the new characters will be killed.
  5. Stay within continuity of the previous films.

That evening, Kirby and a few of her remaining friends decide to go to a haunted corn maze to help ease the tension. They fail to notice Ghostface in the "Father Death Scarecrow" costume, hiding amongst the wilted, dry corn stalks. The group is scared by the scarers, but Jim is killed by Ghostface after being stabbed in the heart upon being separated from the group. He is then disemboweled and his entrails are wrapped around the rows of the maze. Kirby sees Jim's body strung up on the scarecrow post that Ghostface once hid on and tries to escape after seeing Ghostface a few rows away. Ghostface chases them and the group cuts across rows, getting lost in the dead, dry corn maze. Ghostface then disappears and lights the field on fire, the fire quickly spreading to the explosively combustible corn. The entire field is lit up in a rapid pace, and Kirby leads the group out of the field as fast as she can. They escape the flames and Ghostface slips away. Dewey arrives and comforts Kirby, telling her to confine herself to her home from now on, because someone is trying to kill her. Kirby reveals that Ghostface was in a different costume this time, therefore they don't know what he looks like. This makes Dewey very nervous, because it not only introduces the idea of more than two suspects, but it also reveals that Ghostface won't have the same appearance during each murder, making it virtually impossible to distinguish the killer from other Halloween fanatics who will be trick or treating in three days.

No activity happens from the killer the next day, which gives Kirby, Sidney, Dewey and Gale some time to relax and collect themselves. However, the next day, Judy Hicks, Dewey's deputy from Woodsboro, arrives to assist him only to be attacked by Ghostface from the backseat of her squad car, who stabs her in the back through the seat and then handcuffs her to the steering wheel, before scalping her, leaving her to die a slow and painful death. Dewey discovers her body the next day, and discovers in horror that Judy's SIG-Sauer P226 service pistol has been stolen by the killer, which makes Dewey exceptionally nervous, as now the killer is carrying a firearm and two magazines of ammunition for it. Later that night, Kirby is attacked on the streets by someone in a Father Death outfit. She screams for help and luckily Dewey is nearby. He rushes to his police cruiser and frantically pulls a pump action shotgun from the backseat. He runs over to the person, who draws a knife, presumably preparing to kill Kirby, and despite shouting for the killer to put the weapon down, he doesn't, and Dewey pulls the trigger, taking the top of the suspect's head off with a shotgun blast, killing him. He runs over to Kirby and asks if she is alright, only to check the body and discover that the person is carrying no identification and the face is too badly damaged from the blast to identify. Dewey calls an ambulance and the coroner arrives, preparing to identify the suspect via dental records. Hours later, Dewey is content that they have captured the killer, only for Dewey to discover that the dental records belonged to Connor Stenz, a twenty-something screw-up who enjoyed making tasteless jokes. Connor doesn't have much family and Dewey realizes that he was not the killer, and that the real killer is still on the loose. Before he can warn Kirby's friends, Ghostface attacks Heather that night at her home while she is watching a movie and kills her by suffocating her with plastic. Mindy is at a Halloween store while this is going on, browsing the merchandise. She notices several people dressed as Ghostface, but fails to realize one of them is drawing a knife from a sheath hidden in his sleeve. The killer attacks Mindy, breaking the mirror she is looking at. Mindy tries to escape through a back door but the killer decides not to chase her and instead runs a different route, cornering her by the door. Mindy makes a run for it in the rain but Ghostface catches up to her and stabs her in the back a few times. Gravely injured, Mindy attempts to crawl to a nearby gas station, only for Ghostface to douse her in gasoline and light her on fire, killing her. The killer flees the scene.

The next day, Halloween, everyone is out and about in their costumes. Not wanting another accidental death, Dewey tells all of his men to keep their firearms in the holster unless they must use it. The entire group is very nervous, but it turns out that they should be. On Halloween night, Gale's old cameraman, Joel Jones, is murdered after being garroted by piano wire. Also, Dewey's mother, Mrs. Riley, is killed when Ghostface throws her down a flight of stairs, through a glass door and breaks her neck. Dewey is distraught about this and he runs to Woodsboro to see what happened. Gale stays behind with Kirby, but they are unaware that the killer is about to strike. Gale manages to save Kirby's life by distracting Ghostface, who chases her onto the roof. Gale attempts to escape, only to be grabbed by the killer and have her throat ripped open. A dying Gale's stomach is then sliced open and Ghostface grabs onto her entrails before rolling her off the roof, disemboweling and killing her. Kirby watches from a closet as the killer leaves Gale's entrails dangling from the roof like Christmas lights and leaves the scene. When Dewey comes back, he is unbelievably distraught by the death of his mother and wife the same day, almost suffering a nervous breakdown.

Sidney invites everyone to her hotel for some more security and swimming. Kirby, Dewey, Summer and Sidney arrive to unwind. Summer leaves the pool area to use the restroom only for Ghostface to attack her. She escapes and runs into the cold outdoor pool outside, which is covered by a tarp. Ghostface slices through the tarp and stabs her in the mouth underneath the chin, slicing through her tongue. She pulls Ghostface into the pool with her and he slices through the water with his knife. He then gouges both of her eyes out and leaves her body behind, slowly turning the water red. The Ghostface in the pool then chases Sidney through the halls. She throws a baggage cart onto him but he slices her sneaker with his knife, injuring her Achilles tendon and forcing her to trip. The killer gets up over Sidney, intending to kill her, only to hear Dewey cock the hammer of his snub nose Colt Python revolver behind them. The killer draws Judy's pistol and shoots at Dewey, hitting him in the stomach and sending him to the ground. The killer then walks over to Dewey, kicking his revolver away. Dewey surprises him by drawing his Glock 17 and holding it to the killer's chest, but he fails to realize that he never took the trigger off safety. He fumbles around with it and the killer punches him in the face knocking him out, before turning back to Sidney, only to realize that she has escaped. The Ghost goes looking for her, chasing her around the halls of the hotel. Sidney makes it to her room where she takes Todd in, having survived Ghostface's attack at the pool. Ghostface then breaks into her room by opening the door and cutting through the chain, cornering Kirby, Dewey, Sidney and Todd. However, the trio realizes that they are REALLY screwed when "Todd Balstrow" reveals himself to be the mastermind of the murder spree and Jill's cousin, Todd Roberts. It turns out that Todd's parents were killed in a house fire, which left him orphaned. He was set to live with Jill and her mother, Kate, but Sidney had killed Jill and also her half-brother, Roman Bridger. Distraught that his closest living relatives in the Roberts family are dead, he was sent to live at a Lutheran orphanage and over the course of the next year, let an obsessive grudge brew inside. After reading Gale's book, he realized all of the details behind the murders and decided to reenact a real-life prequel, where he would reveal the events before the murder spree took place. Sidney is shocked, and even more so when she realizes that she turned down Todd's request to live with her, as she thought she was unable to raise a child, making Todd's participation in the sprees revenge for being alone.

Two more Ghostface killers arrive after the three try to storm Todd and escape, and Todd gloats that they cannot escape three killers. The two accomplices reveal themselves as Martha Meeks and Angie Crick. Martha participated because Gale twisted the circumstances of her brother Randy's murder to better fit her book. She takes credit for the murders of Sheriff Burke and Gale Riley. Sidney instantly recognizes Angie Crick as her former college classmate, who became obsessed with her and Sidney was eventually forced to obtain a restraining order. Angie swirled into a rage and decided that murder was the only way to get Sidney's attention. Todd then shocks everyone by shooting Martha in the heart and Angie in the head with Judy's pistol, killing them both. Dewey sinks to the ground, apparently dying from his gunshot wound, and Sidney reminds Todd that the police will be here any minute. Todd responds that this is all part of his plan, because he intends to frame Kirby for the murders, having used the prequel method to kill all of Kirby's friends so there would be no witnesses to the fact that Kirby was not Ghostface, acting along with Martha and Angie. He then shoots Kirby in the chest and puts her fingerprints on the pistol, making it look like she double-crossed her accomplices before committing suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest after hearing the police arrive. He leaves Kirby to bleed out and Sidney tries to reason with his emotional side, claiming that Jill killed her own mother, and therefore would not have had any reservations about killing her own distant cousin. Todd then claims that mental illness is hereditary and he would have been killing with her. He then proceeds to insult Sidney and threaten her but before he can kill her, Kirby picks up Todd's discarded knife and stabs him in the heart with it before kicking it into his heart, mortally wounding him. Todd begins to bleed out and Sidney tends to Kirby, who reveals that no major arteries were hit by the gunshot. Todd, unbeknownst to them, is so blind with rage that he painfully pulls the knife out of his own heart and prepares to throw it with his last amount of strength. Todd drags himself off the floor and raises the knife, but before he can throw it, Dewey suddenly pulls his Glock and presses the muzzle into Todd's trachea, shooting him in the throat and killing him instantly, mirroring Mrs. Loomis's death. The three wait for the police to arrive and everyone is rushed to the hospital. Sidney declines interviews, giving all the glory to Kirby instead, who saved her life. This symbolically passes the torch of heroine to Kirby, allowing Sidney to finally live a peaceful life out of the limelight, content that the murders are done. 

Behind the MaskEdit


Normal Fearsome Faces mask

Todd Roberts had the highest body count in the film, much like his cousin, he killed more than his accomplices. He killed Trish, Connor, Veronica, Judy Hicks, Jim, Summer, Angie and Martha. He also attempted to kill Dewey, Sidney and Kirby. 

Martha Meeks only killed three people. She killed Sheriff Burke, Gale Riley and Mrs. Riley. She was Todd's outside accomplice because she was the Ghostface who killed people in Woodsboro, where she lived. 

Angie Crick only had two murders. She killed Joel Jones and Mindy.

Masks FeaturedEdit

The killers use different masks and costumes to confuse the police as to their definite appearance with normal halloween trick or treaters. They also switch up their modus operandi to further confuse the police, preventing them from searching for a serial killer. 

  • Ghostface Scarecrow costume: An entirely new costume made for use in Scream 4 but ultimately never seen, the Scarecrow costume is used to camouflage the killer during the corn maze sequence. 
  • Metallic Ghostface mask: Used during Trish's murder in the black lit haunted house scene. 
  • Ghostface Zombie mask: Seen during Judy Hicks' murder. Like the Scarecrow outfit, this was made for Scream 4 but ultimately never used. 
  • Numerous other Ghostface masks: Used to confuse the police. 

Hero MaskEdit

IMG 2257

The 5CREAM Fearsome Faces type.

The 5CREAM hero mask is essentially based off of a Fearsome Faces type seen briefly in Scream 2, the "EU Fearsome Faces MK" type, commonly referred to by fans as RDS, which is short for "Randy's Death Scene". The mask features noticeable differences from the regular Fearsome Faces hero type seen primarily in Scream 2. The RDS mask are the first Fearsome Faces masks ever produced, because they have an earlier stamp. They were made in limited numbers before being replaced by the regular Fearsome Faces mask, seen above. Today, they are highly popular with fans and very valuble. 

It is referred to as the "EU mask" because behind the chin it features a horseshoe-shaped stamp that says "Easter Unlimited". This is a primary way to tell the masks apart, despite the fact that the two are obviously different. The mask features the basic details of the Fearsome Faces EU mask, but it features a thick cloth hood from the Fantastic Faces mask. In fact, the EU type is only seen in two scenes. In a nutshell, the EU type mask also closely resembles the original Fantastic Faces mask (the hero mask from Scream 1) but blends in traits from other masks in the series along with a few masks similar to the Ghostface type. 

The EU mask features hand cut Peanut" eyes that are shorter and thinner than other types, dark eye mesh and thick, glow-in-the-dark rubber that smells of vanilla. The most glaring difference is probably the eyes. The size of the eyes is far smaller than the other Ghostface masks, which are taller and wider, as well as more curved. These eyes are short and thin, and can be easily identified as the eyes of a Fearsome or Fantastic by the straight lines on both sides of the left eye. However, if your mask has the EU stamp, it is the EU Fearsome Faces. The nose is also more prominent in this mask style, because it is pointier. Another big difference is the mouth, which is wide at the top but slims down closer to the bottom. The mouth is also far longer than other types. The sides, or "cheeks" of the mouth are heavily pronounced. The usage of an older style mask makes sense because the murderers are theming the spree after prequels. 


Minor CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit

The story features new characters just like the previous installment, however, it uses them to its advantage unlike other fan fictions. Todd explains that the new characters have to die par the rules of prequels, and he makes good on his promise. He uses prequels primarily as a vehicle to explain how the events before the murder spree shaped why he did it, also effectively leaving no witnesses to prove Kirby's innocence. He also tried to tie up all the loose ends from Scream 4, eliminating survivors.

All of the new characters, par the rules of a prequel, (including Todd himself) are killed.

New characters are:

  • Todd Balstrow Status: Dead
  • Summer Status: Dead
  • Trish Status: Dead
  • Veronica Status: Dead
  • Kevin Status: Dead
  • Mindy Status: Dead
  • Heather Status: Dead
  • Connor Status: Dead (mistaken for Ghostface during a prank and killed by Dewey with a shotgun blast)
  • Jim Status: Dead

Stab ActorsEdit

Keeping in tradition with the previous films, it is mentioned which real life actors played the main characters in each respective Stab film.

Cast of Stab 3:

  • Dewey Riley: Ryan Gosling
  • Gale Weathers: Demi Moore
  • Roman Bridger: Ron Livingston
  • Mark Kancaid: Paul Rudd

Cast of Stab 8

  • Jill Roberts: Emma Watson
  • Kirby Reed: Jennifer Lawrence

The StoryEdit

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Deaths Edit

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