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Angie Crick
Alias: Angelina Tyler (originally)
Portrayer: Emily Mortimer (originally)
Location: Hollywood, California (originally), Sacramento, California
Occupation: Actress (originally), serial murderer
Family: Unknown
Stab actor: Unknown
Appearance: Scream 3 (originally), 5CREAM
Status: Deceased

Angie Crick is a secondary antagonist in 5CREAM

She grew obsessed with Sidney while attending Windsor College with her, and later was driven to murder in order to get Sidney's attention. 


Angie Crick was actually created in 1999 by Ehren Kruger, writer of Scream 3. She was originally to be the second killer in Scream 3, along with Roman Bridger. In this version, she was known under the alias of "Angelina Tyler" and was used by Roman Bridger to act out his incestrous, psychotic fantasties and was weak-willed enough to help him orchestrate an elaborate murder spree. She had earlier faked her death when Roman pretended to stab her in the lungs and drag her corpse away, but later revealed herself to be very much alive, where she explained her motivation to Sidney before being shot in the head. This ending was scrapped for being too unrealistic (mainly because it was incredibly similar to the final ending of Scream 2, very rushed and Sidney clearly would have recognized her before Angelina revealed her motivation) and she was killed off. This ending does help to explain Angelina's strange, obsessive behavior, though. 


Angie Crick is now a fictionalized version of herself, keeping the backstory but scrapping her involvement in the Stab 3 murders and her actual name of Angelina Tyler. Now she has the same past with an obsession with Sidney, and is also manipulated by Todd Roberts to participate in a murder spree, but these are the only two similarities.