This is a list of all the deaths in 5CREAM.

The total body count is sixteen, two more than its predecessor.

The ListEdit

  1. Trish.
    • Cause: Disembowelment. Hung by her own entrails from the rafters of gym haunted house.
  2. Sheriff Burke.
    • Cause: Tongue cut out, drowned in his own blood.
  3. Kevin.
    • Cause: Stabbed in the stomach several times, body stashed above elevator.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts
  4. Veronica.
    • Cause: Spine ripped out. Body stashed in locker.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts.
  5. Jim.
    • Cause: Disemboweled. Entrails strung around corn maze and body put on scarecrow.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts. 
  6. Judy Hicks.
    • Cause: Handcuffed to steering wheel and scalped.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts.
  7. Connor Stenz
    • Cause: Top of head blown off by gun fire.
      • Killer: Dewey Riley.
        • Notes: Death was an accident.
  8. Heather.
  9. Mindy.
    • Cause: Stabbed in the back, burned alive
      • Killer: Angie Crick
  10. Mrs. Riley.
    • Cause: Broken neck
      • Killer: Martha Meeks
  11. Joel Jones.
    • Cause: Garroted by piano wire
      • Killer: Angie Crick
  12. Gale Riley.
    • Cause: Throat ripped open, thrown off roof and disemboweled.
      • Killer: Martha Meeks
  13. Summer.
    • Cause: Eyes gouged out.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts
  14. Martha Meeks.
    • Cause: Shot in the heart
      • Killer: Todd Roberts
  15. Angie Crick.
    • Cause: Shot in the head.
      • Killer: Todd Roberts
  16. Todd Roberts.

Attempted MurdersEdit

  • Sidney Prescott
  • Dewey Riley
  • Kirby Reed