Ghostface is the main antagonist in Scream: The Next Generation.

Location Woodsboro, California
Weapon of Choice Bowie Knife
M.O. Stabbing

Gutting Throat Slitting

Notable aliases Father Death

The Woodsboro Murderer

Portrayed by Shane Lake (The Next Generation)

Desmond (College Scream) Serena (College Scream) Alexa (Camp Scream) Frankie (Camp Scream) Gerald (Ghostface The Ripper) Duke (Ghostface The Ripper) Hank (Return To Woodsboro) Cecilia (Return To Woodsboro)

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Killers and MotivesEdit

Shane Lake:

Shane became Ghostface because he was the nephew of Billy Loomis and Debbie Loomis, he became Ghostface to exact revenge on the Prescott family.


Desmond was a wannabe film director, he became Ghostface when he wanted to make a real life movie, he worked alongside Serena, when they entered a secret relationship, she betrayed Desmond when she shot him in the head.


Serena was jealous of the fame Nick, Emily, Tom and Beth got from surviving Shane's killing spree, so she became Ghostface to steal the fame for herself, she used her secret boyfriend, Desmond, as a fallguy


Alexa was a fan of the Stab movies, she was annoyed that Nick and Tom survived because she believed that only women can survive a horror movie, she and her sister, Frankie, terrorised the camp grounds.


She was Alexa's sister, she was in love with one of the male campers, when he turned her down, she was driven to insanity and joined her sister, Alexa, in the camp killing spree


Gerald was a horror movie fanatic, his favourite horror movie, Stab, he loved it so much, he decided to make a British version, he got his accomplice, Duke, to pretend to kill him to get rid of any suspicion


Duke proclaims that his motive was Peer Pressure, saying he was the British Stu Macher.


Hank was the principal of Woodsboro High School, he was the father of Megan, who died in the first Fic, when he had another daughter, Amber, she turned out to be a dissapointment, causing his wife to leave him.


A wannabe actress, she wanted to use the Stab movies as a way to propel her career and become famous, she nearly killed Hank when she realised that there was more fame in being a sole survivor.

Other People to Portray GhostfaceEdit

Nick Prescott:

In College Scream, when Nick was presumed dead, and after Serena killed Desmond, another Ghostface killed Serena, upon removing the mask, it was revealed to be Nick.


In Camp Scream, after Alexa and Frankie outed themselves as the killers, Tom and Emily snuck up behind them wearing the Ghostface costumes


In Camp Scream, after Alexa and Frankie outed themselves as the killers, Tom and Emily snuck up behind them wearing Ghostface costumes


In Ghostface The Ripper, when Gerald and Duke revealed themselves as Ghostface, when they were about to kill Nick, Tom, Emily and Beth, Amanda killed them wearing the Ghostface costume


Norman, Tom's father, caught Cecelia and Hank trying to kill the remaining people, he wore the Ghostface costume to kill them, but as he removed the mask, Cecelia killed him.


After Beth was presumed dead in Return to Woodsboro, she snuck up behind Cecelia and savagely killed her for killing her family, she removed the mask to reveal herself, surprising everyone that she was alive.