Ghostface is an American drama horror teen TV series, produced by FOX, and adapted by Wes Craven himself. The series serves as a re-telling of the original Scream saga, with just a few changes. The characters are not same, and consequently nor the actors are. Instead of using the same characters, the TV series uses counterparts.


The project was announced during May 3, 2015, while the producers when on a reunion and a rain of ideas finished in a great project. "It's not a remake," says Wes Craven. "It's more like a re-telling."

The casting began the following week, with the characters confirmed. The series will also have comedy, and several cultural references will be shown. It's more a "whodunnit" genre than slasher. It was also confirmed by Craven that the first season will only have ten episodes, and one of two characters will be killed per episode.

"It will be an anthology series," Craven says. "And the next season will have a different cast and plot."

During May 14, it was announced that maybe the show will be either a prequel, sequel, or not-related to the original saga.


The auditions started during May 8. It was confirmed on May 14, that Grace Phipps would be appearing as Julie Fenderson. It was also confirmed that Kendall Jenner would be playing Katherine Braxton.


Main charactersEdit

  • Emma Harper: She's described as beautiful, brave, and self-confident. She usually's right when everyone's wrong.
  • Tynarie Dawson: She's described as a fresh, new character. She's the school's Queen Bee, and is too cruel to be true.
  • Daniel Gillies: He's a handsome, athletic, and good boy. He's the "normal" boy in Lakewood.
  • Michael Hitch: He's the most handsome boy in town. This boy is a mystery.
  • Zack Anderson: He's a smart, nerdy but good-looking boy. He's obsessed with horror films.
  • Kendall Jenner as Katherine Braxton
  • Brittany Lewis: She's a tomboyish girl, and Emma's best friend.
  • Brendan Dooling as Cameron Shane

Regular charactersEdit

  • Grace Phipps as Julie Fenderson
  • Sean Brown: The school's "gossip boy". He knows everything about everyone.
  • The Golden Girls:
  • Amanda Luke: A lesbian girl who is in a secret relationship with Sonia.
  • Sonia Shane: Another lesbian girl who is a secret relationship with Amanda.
  • Madison Crowley: The smartest Golden Girl.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Sally Lucinda: She will be the openning kill of the show.