Ghostface V.S Chucky (Retitled)

Chucky V.S Ghostface (Original title)

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Directed by Unknown
Produced by Unknown
Written by Unknown
Starring *Brad Dourif as Chucky
Music by Unknown
Distributed by *Dimension Films
Release date(s) Not Yet Released
Running time Unknown Length
Language English
Budget Unknown Budget
Gross revenue Unknown
Preceded by Unknown
Followed by Unknown

Chucky V.S Ghostface is a American Slasher Film. The film is a crossover between the Scream Series and Child's Play Franchise. It is the fifth and seventh entries in their respective series, pitting Charles Lee Ray (Chucky) and Ghostface against each other. The film is the final one in the Child's Play franchise but the fifth one in the Scream Series but in the news so far looks like it's the final film.

Two films are being made in Hollywood, now a Ghostface killer is on the loose, Glen, an orphan who goes to the studios to find and bring Chucky and Tiffany back from the dead, after a number of murders that seem to be related to the Woodsboro case, takes place on the set of "Stab 3", Sidney Prescott goes to Hollywood to be terrorized to find out more about her mother's death, Chucky can't believe that his son doesn't want to walk in his murdering footsteps, and a famous actress, Jennifer Tilly, will soon become an unwitting hostess to this new family in more ways than one.