Ghostface vs. Jason: Friday Slashers is a crossover story written by SammyChance. This story is a crossover with the Scream and Friday the 13th franchises.

Characters Edit

  • Ghostface
  • Jason Voorhees
  • Sidney Prescott
  • Gale Weathers
  • Tommy Jarvis
  • Steven Freeman
  • Johnny Chanceman
  • Deputy Dewey Riley
  • Ginny Field
  • Trevor Sheldon
  • Mr. Prescott
  • Sheriff Hudson
  • Phil
  • Jessica
  • Nick
  • Pamela Voorhees
  • Maureen Prescott

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 1: Blade of Nightmares
  • Chapter 2: Another Slasher
  • Chapter 3: Victim Problem
  • Chapter 4: The Coroner
  • Chapter 5: A Vision from the Murdersverse

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