Janet Annia Riley
Alias: Janet Annia Kincaid (Maiden name)
Portrayer: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Location: Woodsboro, California, Windsor, Ohio, Hollywood, California,
Occupation: Actress
Daniel Riley (husband)
Daniel Riley jr. (son)
John Riley (son)
Jorg Riley (son)
Sophie Riley (daughter)
Mark Riley (son)
Sidney Prescott (Mother)
Mark Kincaid (Father)
Carl Kincaid (brother)
Josh Kincaid (brother)
Roman Bridger (uncle)
Gale Riley (mother in law)
Dewey Riley (father in law)
Wallace Richardson (brother in law)
Manuel Riley (brother in law)
Stab actor: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Scream 5
Scream 6
Scream 7
Scream 8
Scream 9
Status: Alive

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