Jessica Miller
Alias: Unknown
Portrayer: Candice Accola
Location: Woodsboro
Occupation: College Student
Family: Rebecca Walters (Niece)
Stab actor: Unknown
  • Scream: The New Generation of Death
    (Coming Soon..)
Status: Alive

Jessica Miller is one of the main characters in Scream: The Generation of Death and a college student in Woodsboro's College, Rebecca Walters is Jessica's material cousin. She arrives in Woodsboro after receving the news of the recent Woodsboro Murders and Rebecca being involved. She was in love with her boyfriend before it was revealed to her that he was the murderer and he who comitted the fifth murder spree killing 16 people, along with Jessica's mother Pheobe Miller.

She is Portrayed by Candice Accola.

She survived the fifth Killing Spree.


Jessica was born in Woodsboro as a regular teenager of 17. Her mother Pheobe Miller reared her from young little girl to Teenage girl of 17. She dated a boy named William Henshaw,who moved to the town after they web chatted, she moved away from Woodsboro at a young age .Away from Woodsboro in the small town of Hicksworth, she is joined with new friends. At Hicksworth College she became a student.

Scream Connections

  • Jessica and Kirby both have the same personality.
  • She loves the Stab Movies.
  • Jessica shares a connection with Sidney Prescott due to her being the heroine, suriving the fifth murder spree and her boyfriend being a killer.