Kirby Reed
Alias: Kirby
Portrayer: Hayden Panettiere
Location: Woodsboro, California
Occupation: Student
Family: Unknown
Stab actor: Unknown
Appearance: Scream 4

Scream 5

Status: Presumably deceased but possibly alive (Scream 4)

Alive (5CREAM)

Kirby Reed is a secondary protagonist in Scream 4 and a secondary protagonist in 5CREAM

Character BiographyEdit

She is best friends with Jill Roberts and Olivia Morris in her hometown of Woodsboro in Northern California. Fellow student, Charlie Walker, is seen to have a crush on her as they are both big fans of scary movies. When Ghostface starts harassing her and her friends, she is forced to answer questions to save Charlie's life. She is later stabbed twice by Charlie, who is revealed to be one of the killers. It is unknown whether or not she survived the attack in films but Kirby recieved such an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences that many think she did survive, due to the fact that Charlie didn't make sure she was dead, mainly due to his affection for her. Sidney was also stabbed twice in the stomach and survived, making it very possible that Kirby lived. 

She is a main character in the fanfiction 5CREAM, which details her coping with the aftermath of the murder spree and a new one after it begins.