Martha Meeks
Alias: Unknown
Portrayer: Heather Matarazzo
Location: Hollywood, California, Woodsboro, California, Sacramento, California (non-canon)
Occupation: Unknown
Family: Randy Meeks (younger brother)
Stab actor: None
Appearance: Scream 3, 5CREAM
Status: Alive (Scream 3), Deceased (5CREAM)

Martha Meeks is a character in the Scream universe.

Scream 3Edit

She is introduced as Randy Meek's younger sister, who sneaks onto the Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro film set to deliver an important videotape to Sidney, Dewey and Gale. The tape is Randy detailing the "rules of a trilogy" before he was killed, as there may be future murder sprees in the future. She was not seen again, although she was set to appear in Scream 4, but this was never realized. The tape was originally set to be delivered by Randy's fling, Karen Colcheck. 


Martha was enraged that Gale Riley changed the circumstances of her brother, Randy's death, to better fit her book, as she had done with her original cameraman, Kenny Jones. Martha does succeed in killing Gale after she attempts to escape by running onto the roof, only to have her throat sliced open and stabbed repeatedly in the stomach. Martha rolled the dying Gale off the roof while holding onto her intestines, disemboweling and killing her. Martha would later be double-crossed and shot in the heart by her accomplice, Todd Roberts

She didn't join her accomplices in Sacramento until after Joel Jones's murder, so she could kill the targets in Woodsboro and give her accomplices an alibi.