Pheobe Miller
Alias: Pheeb
Portrayer: Daisy Fuentes
Location: Woodsboro
Occupation: Nurse (Woodsboro Community Hospital)
Family: Jessica Miller (Daughter)
Stab actor: Unknown
Appearance: Scream: The New Generation of Death
Status: Deceased

Pheobe Miller played a slightly small/main part in Scream: The Generation of Death. She was kind. Pheobe is 46 but looks 35. She mother to Jessica Miller the survivor of the Fifth murder spree in Scream: The Generation of Death.

She is last to fall victim to the fifth killing spree comitted by William Henshaw

She is portrayed by Daisy Fuentes.

Recent Background

She worked as a Nurse in Woodsboro Community Hospital.


Before she joined as a nurse she worked as a volunteer at Woodsboro's Charity which help people around the area without homes.

Scream Connections

  • She shares a connection with Kate Roberts due to her being killed off, being mother to young teenger girl who she reared up by herself after being left and divored by her husbend.
  • Daisy's character was american english, and Daisy herself was Cuban so it was hard for her to contribute to her character and she had to make her voice sound american but in the end it was quite easy for her.