"Stab Sidney Prescott!"

On the floor as she stared complete and small Marie Prescott her great grandmother was preaching through the floor she flopped grabbing the horses feces and cried her eyes out. Marie Prescott was in her 20s a beautiful seductress and capable woman when needed. For god she had thought let bad luck strike our heart and melt away. Marie was facing the church on her knees begging god to kill her child inside her womb. Carina Prescott was so beautiful as ever she resembled our heroine Sidney Prescott. This year by the looks of it is "1879" Sidney and her long lost ghost that had traveled through the presence of her soul. A wicked curse had arrived and presence of master Of "Woodsboro" so Carina had a secret love affair between the master of the town James Woodsboro. He was the owner of this fine town and something that way we never put together will reveal. Carina and her love affair with James started in mystery after Carina attended a party that was really a wedding for herself she ended up being betrothed to him and wanted eternity with him. The forces of evil applaud in the crowd full of fear in the town as soon as they both discovered that they seek the towns master to betrothed the killer? The headache and confusion came upon Carina now and whispers inside one anothers ear that sounded so perfect for her but it went a little like this Carina wanted the masters wife position to be loved by a Woodsboro become a Woodsboro and own the town. After murdering Angelica Woodsboro devastating reprise has come upon the existence of jealousy now in the family of Prescott the women are and always were jealous of everything it gave Carina a ghost Sidney didn't have. She was now a reincarnation because she has murdered her mother gave her soul to change her ways and it ended and skipped a generation and went into Sidneys brother in Scream 3 now you see it hit a boy int the family because the curse well was desperate for jealousy. Jill was her next generation that became psycho it skipped Sidney and all these years affected her family her mother was known as nothing other than a seductress as same to Marie. Sidneys mother is indeed still alive hiding and lurks craving to come out she had a certian kind of jealousy seeking her daughter jealous that she was more beautiful than she was causing a cult of her family to kill her through out these years and for Sidney sweet Sidney Jealousy runs deep and in spite of jealousy you Scream!!!!! Come Out Come Out Were ever you are...

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