Scream: Ghostface The Ripper is the 4th installment in the Scream: The Next Generation series


Nick Prescott- The son of Sidney Prescott, he and Emily go to London for a press conference when a series of killings occur

Emily- Nick's finacee.

Gerald- A football player, he was one of the first British Ghostface victims, but he survives, and reveals that he is Ghostface

Duke- A chess player, he is extremely shy, it is revealed that he was the second Ghostface and he pretended to kill Gerald to remove any suspicion of Gerald being Ghostface

Amanda- Emily's Aunt, when Duke and Gerald tried to kill Nick and Emily, she kills Duke and Gerald while wearing the Ghostface costume

Peter- A member of Gerald's football team, after he thought Ghostface killed Gerald, Peter is killed by Ghostface.

Tony- Amanda's neighbour, he is killed by Ghostface when Ghostface was hiding under Tony's bed.

Roy- Amanda's boyfriend, he was assumed to be Ghostface after Amanda was presumed dead, but he was killed himself by Gerald


Nick and Emily arrive in London for a press conference, when they arrive, they are greeted by Emily's aunt, Amanda. That night, Nick recieves a phone call from Ghostface, revealing he is in London, the next night, 2 students taught by Amanda, Gerald and Peter, are killed, but Gerald's body goes missing, the following night, when Nick and Emily go to sleep, Amanda gets a call saying Ghostface is under the bed, when she looks and sees nothing, Ghostface appears from under the bed of her next door neigbour, Tony. After a few more killings, Duke, a shy chess player taught by Amanda, says he might know who the killer is, when Nick, Emily and Amanda follow them to the cemetary, Duke kills Amanda, revealing himself as Ghostface, he then mentions he had an accomplice and Roy, Amanda's boyfriend, who had been accused of being Ghostface, enters the cemetary, followed by a guy in a Ghostface costume holding a gun to his back. When the killer removes his mask, it is revealed to be Duke, who then kills Roy. Nick and Emily run away and Duke and Gerald are hot in persuit, when Emily and Nick are cornered, they ask for Duke and Gerald's motives, Gerald says he wanted to make a British version of Stab, Duke says his motive was peer pressure. After that, they are both killed by a third Ghostface, who is revealed to be Amanda, still alive. When Nick and Emily return home, they tell Tom and Beth they are leaving Woodsboro.