Scream: Return To Woodsboro is the final installment in the Scream: The Next Generation series


Nick Prescott- The son of Sidney Prescott, he returns to Woodsboro with his wife, Emily, for a memorial service for Shaun's murder spree.

Emily- Nick's wife

Tom- Nick's best friend, the Sherriff

Beth- Tom's wife

Gavin- A Stab fan who hosts a Stabathon at his house, where several people are kidnapped

Elizabeth- Gavin's secret crush, another Stab fan

Jack- A country boy, the younger brother of Scarlett, Shaun's first victim

Jessica- Jack's sister

Norman- Tom's father

Tyler- Beth's father

Michael- Nick's uncle who he and Emily stay with

Sky- Beth's mother

Trina- Beth's sister

Holly- Emily's old friend from High School

Rose- Megan's younger sister

Velvet- A rich girl from Woodsboro

Hank- Rose's father, he became Ghostface because when Megan died, having Rose caused his wife to leave him

Cecelia- Scarlett's aunt, became Ghostface to steal the fame that Nick and the others got from surviving Ghostface