Scream: The Camp Scream is the third installment in the Scream: The Next Generation series.


Nick Prescott- The son of Sidney Prescott, survivor of the first 2 killing sprees.

Tom Kevins- Nick's best friend

Emily- Nick's girlfriend

Beth Hardway- Tom's girlfriend

Gregory- The head camp councilour

Ashton- A prank pulling camper

Frankie- A camper with a crush on Ashton, she is revealed to be one of the Ghostface killers

Alexa- The rumoured first victim of the camp murders, she is revealed to be Frankie's sister and the second Ghostface killer

The other campers


Late at night, 2 teenagers are driving through the woods, when the girl recieves a call from Ghostface, she leaves, when her boyfriend is worried what happened to her, he leaves, and is killed by Ghostface himself. When Nick and Emily arrive at the camp, they find Tom and Beth already there, when they hear about the killings, but the police only found one body. Late that night, Nick gets a call from Ghostface. The next night, the campers are watching a horror movie when a camper leaves to smoke, when he is killed by Ghostface. The next morning, Beth takes the bus home to get away from the killer, but Tom, Nick and Emily stay behind, when one of the campers, Frankie, asks out another camper called Ashton, he turns her down, that night, another camper called AJ is killed and hung from the flag pole, leaving only 5 campers left, that day, Nick, Emily, Tom and Beth find Gregory murdered. The following night, another camper, Paul, is murdered. With only 4 suspects left, Nick starts to become paranoid, and things aren't made any better when Ashton pranks him by leaving a mannequin dressed as Ghostface in his cabin. That night, Frankie goes missing, and Ashton is presumed killed when taking a shower. When Nick recieves a phone call, he enters a cabin and finds the only 2 campers left dead, when he tried to leave, he finds 2 Ghostface killers attacking Tom and Emily, when Nick runs away, he finds an old abandoned hotel, when he enters, the killers find him and back him into a corner, when one of them remove their mask, revealing Frankie as one of the killers, saying when Ashton rejected her, she went crazy. The other Ghostface removes their mask, revealing Alexa, the girl who was rumoured dead at the beginning. When she explains her motive was that she believed that only women could survive horror movies, 2 more Ghostface killers emerge from behind them and kill them. They remove their masks, revealing that they were Tom and Emily. When they leave, Ashton limps towards them, injured, but alive, also, Frankie gets up, when Bethany goes to kill her, she apologizes and is arrested.