Scream: The College Scream is a sequel to Scream: The Next Generation.


Nick Prescott- The son of Sidney Prescott, he enrolled at Woodsboro College, where a new Ghostface killer struck

Tom- Nick's best friend, he enrolled at the same college

Beth- Tom's girlfriend

Emily- Nick's girlfriend

Desmond- A wannabe film director, who reveals himself as one of the Ghostface killers, he dies when Serena, the other Ghostface, shoots him in the head

Serena- The main antagonist, jealous of the fame the survivors got from surviving Shaun's killing spree, she became Ghostface to take that fame for herself.

Mike- A perverted womanizer who hit on Emily and Beth, he was believed to be Ghostface until his throat was slashed when he left a room by himself

Dustin- Mike's best friend, he is just like him, he was also believed to be Ghostface until he was stabbed in the face while trying to run away


When Nick, Tom, Emily and Beth arrived at Woodsboro College, they meet some new people, some nice, others annoying. That night, when Nick recieved a call from Ghostface, a girl called Natasha is killed. The next day, Serena, a girl Nick met the previous day, is sad because Natasha was her best friend. When the group look for suspects, Randy Riley, the son of Dewey and Gale, is attacked and presumed dead, but he is shown to have survived. When the principal is murdered, a new security system is applied to the college, late at night, when the four look to investigate, they find, Desmond, a wannabe film maker, Mike and Dustin, 2 annoying perverts and Serena all sneaking about, when the 4 leave the others, Mike and Dustin follow them, everyone starts to suspect them of being Ghostface, later, while running from the killer, Desmond is stabbed and assumed killerd, later, Mike has his throat slashed when trying to leave the room they were in, and when Dustin tries to run away, he is stabbed in the face by Ghostface. Serena is later attacked by Ghostface herself. When the friends run away, Nick is stabbed and assumed killed. When Ghostface knocks out Tom, Emily and Beth, they wake up tied to chairs on the roof of the College, with 2 Ghostfaces standing in front of them, when they remove their masks, they are revealed to be Desmond and Serena, who had entered in a secret relationship. Desmond reveals his motive was that he wanted to be a film maker and he did this to make a real life movie, Serena said her motive was that she wanted to be famous by being the sole survivor of a horror movie, when Desmond asks what she means by 'Sole Survivor' she shoots him in the head. After a third Ghostface approaches, Tom asked what his motive was, but Serena insists that she and Desmond only worked as a duo, not a trio, after which, the third Ghostface kills her, he removes his mask to reveal that it was Nick, still alive. The 4 report the killings to the news at the end.