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Scream: The Generation of Death
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Starring Candice Accola

Ben Barnes
Daisy Fuentes

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Distributed by Possobly Dimension Films
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Scream: The Generation of Death is a American horror slasher-comedy metafilm based on Kevin Williamson's horror franchise Scream. This film doesn't continue the main Scream series and unlike the previous movies, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette do not star and features a whole new plot as well along with a Heroine.

This film features stars like,  Candice AccolaDaisy FuentesBen Barnes, along with a few more adults and teenagers involved with this movie.


What happens when murders outside the small town of Woodsboro get so extreme that the murderer brings the outside in and the murders start to happen in Woodsboro bringing the infamous Ghostface killer back to town and stalkes young school teenagers killing them in most extreme way possable.