Scream: The Next Generation is a Fanfiction by Nicholas Cornish.


  1. Nick Prescott-The son of Sidney Prescott, he doesn't like to talk about his mother because she died shortly after he was born. He is the main protagonist.
  2. Tom Kevins- Nick's best friend and a horror movie fanatic, he is a former womanizer, until he met his girlfriend Beth.
  3. Emily Lorrens- Nick's love interest, she is sent to the hospital because of Ghostface, wrongly framed of being Ghostface and shown innocent. At the end, she and Nick start dating.
  4. Beth Hardway- Tom's girlfriend, not much is known about her.
  5. Shaun Lake- The main antagonist, he is shown to be level headed, he is revealed to be Ghostface because he is the nephew of Billy and Debbie Loomis, he wanted to kill Nick to get revenge on the Prescott family name
  6. Philip- A surfer, the last one to get killed by Shaun.
  7. Megan- A friend of the gang, she is killed by Shaun before he stabbed Emily
  8. Lucy Riley- Daughter of Dewey and Gale Riley, she followed her mother's footsteps and became a reporter.
  9. Randy Riley- Son of Dewey and Gale Riley, he followed in his father's footsteps and became a deputy sherriff


In Woodsboro, Nick Prescott approaches the school, encountering his friends along the way, while their, he is asked what he thinks about the upcoming anniversary of the Woodsboro Massacre, Nick refuses to talk about it. At home, Nick watches the Stab movies and is given a call by Ghostface. The following night, a girl called Scarlett is murdered by Ghostface. The next day, the group return to school, Philip is sad about Scarlett's death as he was dating her. That night, Emily joins Nick at his house saying she doesn't want to be alone, at the same time, Megan gets a call from Ghostface, when he attacks her, she hides and calls Nick, when he arrives, he asks Emily to hide, Nick is unable to save Megan and she is killed, when Ghostface disappears, Nick finds Emily injured. Emily spends the next few days in the hospital, during which, Keith, Nick's uncle, Margaret, Nick's Aunt, and 2 police officers that were guarding Tom's home, were all killed by Ghostface. After Ghostface leaves behind a pair of glasses, Nick believes Emily is Ghostface, eventually, she is able to convince him otherwise. On the anniversary of the original Woodsboro Massacre, the group all spend the night at Shaun's house, where Philip and Beth are attacked by Ghostface outside the house, when Philip limps towards the doorstep, he tries to tell the others who Ghostface is, when Ghostface stabs him in the back, killing him. Ghostface removes him mask, revealing himself to be Shaun, he knocked out Tom, Beth and Emily and chased Nick to the basement, where he explains his motives for killing everyone, before Shaun can kill Nick, Nick grabs a meat spit and stabs Shaun with it, just as Tom, Beth and Emily regain consciessness, when they try to leave, Shaun comes to and charges at Nick, but Nick grabs a gun and shoots Shaun until dead. The next day, the reporters arrive at the house and the 4 survivors walk away, Nick and Emily start dating.

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