Scream 5 by Amanda Young is an idea for Scream 5.


  • Someone has taken their love of Spin-Off's One Step Too Far
  • This Summer Scream Your Last Breath
  • The Next Chapter in Wes Craven's New Terrifying Trilogy
  • Your Time Has Come Now
  • A New Generation Continues
  • Screaming Onward
  • We all wear Masks

Seperate Character Poster TaglinesEdit

The Character Posters are seperated into two groups: The Ghostface Abroad Character Posters and main characters posters

Main Character PostersEdit

Sidney Prescott

  • She's Sick of Screaming


  • The One who Makes You Scream

Dewey Riley

  • Doesn't Know When To Scream

Gale Riley

  • Too Angry to Scream

Helena Marq

  • The Patient Scream

Cassidy Dowat

  • The Consious Scream

Robert Evanvert

  • The Zealous Scream

Carl Nette

  • The Aiding Scream

Kelli Finnlan

  • The Annoying Scream

Justin Nox

  • The Confusing Scream

Tobias Richards

  • The Uncertain Scream

Lara Tumbin

  • The Sudden Scream

Maria Kellas

  • The Fighting Scream

Marnie Hicks

  • The Quick Scream

Sheriff Judy Hicks

  • The Surprised Scream

Declan Kellas

  • The Child's Scream Part 1

Amy Kellas

  • The Child's Scream Part 2

Martha Meeks

  • The Recurring Scream

Hayley McDonald

  • Struggling to Scream

Alice Nightingale

  • The Rushing Scream

Marnie Perkins

  • The Unheard Scream

Callie Craigson

  • The Tough Scream

Ghostface Abroad Character PostersEdit

Lindsey Lohan

  • The Celebrity Scream Part 1

Jessica Alba

  • The Celebrity Scream Part 2

Teddy Blackenberry

  • Watching The Scream

Helen Harmony

  • Ready to Scream

Elena Ellis

  • The Unready Scream

Spoiler Death Sequences (The Main Story Victims)Edit

  1. Alice Nightingale- Stabed in both sides of her stomach and spiralled off apartment staircase onto bottom floor stair bar which she cracks her head on
  2. Jonathen The Camera-Man: Stabbed through hand, stabbed multiple times in chest and then tsabbed through chest whilest backed up against news van door which then broadcasts the knife running along the newsvan door before coming before coming to an abrupt halt
  3. Big Al Caprone- Pulled into large Stab 9 Prop Fan
  4. Lara Tumbin- Stabbed through chest and then crushed upon locker hiding in hitting ground
  5. Tobias Richards- Stabbed in shoulder blade and then stabbed continously in chest and throat
  6. Justin Nox- Stabbed various times times in chest and then set alight with molotov cocktail which then leads to him heading off balcony onto a below fountain (Justin is dressed in Ghostface costume during the murder)
  7. Various Bridgetown Police Officers: Impaled with sharp glass shards from exploding Ghostface mask left on Bridgetown Police Department entrance stairs. (the deaths are just like Maria Kellas' attack where she had glass shards shot into her face from a exploding Ghostface mask, Sheriff Milton also has shards hit him in the face but like Maria survives)
  8. Danielle Keet- Whilest at Bridgetown A Detention Block with Kelli trying to free Harvey walks into a dropped Ghostface costume and then is sliced across the chest with a machete (whilest tangled up in the costume)
  9. Sheriff Laney Milton- Stumbles his way to Judy Hicks and Martha Meeks in the police station and then dies upon falling on the ground causing the glass shards in his face to push completely in
  10. Kelli Finnlan- Upon Danielle being killed is chased by Ghostface and killed as she reaches Harvey in his cell and her mobile phone finally get's back reception. As She calls the police and passes Harvey the cell keys and his message beeper the phone receives a call from Ghostface whom announces himself and decapitates Kelli with a Stab 9 Prop Axe.
  11. Harvey Bridger- Harvey right at the moment Kelli receives the interrupting call from Ghostface has his beeper be beeped a message stating his time has come. Upon Ghostface swinging around the corner and decapitating Kelli the message finishes with now and Ghostface stabs Harvey right in the middle of the head (a homage to Deputy Perkins killing from the Woodsboro Anniversary Massacre). Harvey however dies instantly
  12. Martha Meeks- Martha upon seeing Sheriff Milton stumble to them fled leaving Judy to tend to him. Upon him hitting the ground and dieing just as the killer Ghostface was off at the outskirts A Detention Block killing Kelli Finnlan, Danielle Keet and Harvey Bridger Gale arrives at the Police Station to collect the newsvan. Gale arrives in Callie's car just as Martha on the inside of the police station locks and hides herself in a police training classroom right beneath the front of the class desk. Sidney then arrives at the police station front entrance car park and is swung into by Gale whom had her mobile phone ready to dial the police claiming she has seen a sh*tload of officers dead inside. Sidney tells Gale how Martha and Judy are supposed to be there to tell Milton what they found out about the missing girl. Gale tells Sidney to forget them that they are probably already dead but Sidney shrugs her off and heads inside with a stashful of guns on her as well as one armed in her hand. Gale then heads back to Callie's Car trying to start it only to find that the engine has been broken. Gale then overlooks to the Police Garage ahead of her and runs forward. Sidney then heads inside as the police classroom door where Martha is begins to have it's lock be picked and open. Martha then hears Sidney's voice calling out and assumes it is her whom had entered. As she begins to get up out of the desk a knife stabs through and impales her in the chest. Martha however gets off one punch and knocks Ghostface backwards as she begins to run out of the classroom. Martha disorientated from the stabbing and with obscured vision begins to stumble everywhere. She eventually comes to the roof access and then heads on out to the roof. Sidney follows in pursuit and eventually comes to the roof just as Ghostface springs out at Martha and attempts to drive his knife into her chest. She fights him off but as Sidney comes to them she is distracted and stabbed in the stomach by Ghostface who headbutts her then causing her to spiral off the police station roof and down onto Callie Craigson's Car. Gale is then seen inside the garage in the newsvan trying to hotwire it. She hears a noise but however get's the engine starting upon this a concealed Ghostface emerges from behind her and attacks. The scene then flashes between Sidney fighting the Ghostface who killed Martha on the roof and Gale fighting the Ghostface in the Garage. Sidney eventually however along with the Ghostface is thrown off the roof themselves but both survive the fall as they hit the grass below them. Sidney falls unconsious following the landing and the Ghostface injured emerges upward and heads forward just as the Ghostface in the Garage succesfully chloroforms Gale and smashes out of the Garage with Gale. He collects the other Ghostface along the way.
  13. Callie Craigson: The scene following the Police Station scene takes us between Dewey Riley whom is with Cassidy Dowat, Carl Nette and Robert Evernart at the Evernart residence and Callie Craigson whom is still outside the front of the Riley Residence patrolling and waiting for Gale's return. Eventually as a car sound sounds outside the Evernart residence a car sound sounds outside the Riley Residence. At the Evernart residence the sound is revealed to be Bridgetown High Student Tina Sheldon the outraged protestor and friend of missing Hayley McDonald's. She informs them that something very weird is going on that she has been out scoping around the block for two hours listening to the police radio and has heard of two alarms going off at the Police Department and A Detention Block as well as receiving the weird text message stating that her time has come. Dewey then prepares to leave with Tina but is stopped by Cassidy whom is outraged he is leaving when there is a killer whom wants to kill them out there. He tells them to stay put keep the doors lock and entrances sealed. He arms them all with a weapon: Robert and Carl: Small roscoe pistols and Cassidy: An Electric Cord Deploy Tazer. As Dewey then begins to take off with Tina the scene is taken back to Callie whom finds the car noise to be that of the newsvan arriving out the front of the Riley Residence. As she approaches it armed she hears noises coming from bushes and trees surrounding. She comes to the van just as on an opposite scene Dewey and Tina are seen entering Dewey's car. She opens the van upon seeing blood dripping from it to find a vat of Stab 9 Fake Blood overturned and Gale beaten and tied beneath a blanket. She is then advanced on by a Ghostface who attempts to stab her but is quickly knocked backwards by several gunshots to the chest. Another Ghostface comes around and advances but is also shot backwards by Callie. Callie is then seen backing up to the Riley House entering it and locking it. As she does so the scene shows Dewey and Tina in the car leaving the Evernart residence. The Ghostfaces then begin to attempt to get into the Riley Residence by all the doors but are sealed off as Callie locks all them. She stands right before the kitchen glass sliding doors and sees Gale be thrown at the doors but on quick reflex accidentally shoots Gale. Gale falls through the glass door she has broken into her arms. A Ghostface then jumps in and advances at Callie whom raises her gun at him. She however has the gun swung away by the knife and another knife be pointed at her. She jumps at the killer and pushes forward but is killed as the opposite Ghostface breaks into the house and pulls out one of Dewey's shotguns amd blows her head apart. The alarm of the house which's sound was cut off by the lound suspense effects finally comes into sound as Callie's dead body hits the ground.

Jessica Alba, Milo Ventimiglia and Lindsey LohanEdit

The three celebrities Jessica Alba, Milo Ventimiglia and Lindsey Lohan all appear in the beginning of Scream 5 in one of the around the world Ghostface incidents. Lindsey Lohan and Jessica portray themselves whilest Milo portrays a fictional character. Their scenario oversees Jessica Alba the celebrity flying back to Woodsboro, California to attend the event of Stab 7 and meet up with her California based fiance (Milo's character). However Milo's character is in a secret relationship with Hollywood Superficial Alchoholic Actress Lindsey Lohan whom is desperate to be rid of her mother. Milo's character secretly however wants Jessica dead and formulates a Ghostface plan with Lindsey which will oversee her be murdered at the California Airport. Jessica steps off her plane and eventually receives a Ghostface phone call. She is eventually attacked by Lindsey whom is dressed in a Ghostface costume and whom pursues her across the airport evading security at the same time. Eventually Jessica is brutally killed by Lindsey and Lindsey is killed herself upon entering the plane storage garage to meet up with Milo as betrays as he has secretly taken up a relationship with Julianne Moore.

The Emily Browning, Lake Bell and Emma Stone College RoomatesEdit

In one of the many Ghostface killing opening scenarios one in particular is that of famous actresses Emily Browning, Lake Bell (of whom was to be cast in Scream 4 as Judy Hicks) and Emma Stone portray Windsor College Roomates whom are having a Stab-a-thon night and dormitory prank call fest.

However a blackout hits the Omega Beta Zeta Sorority House and Emily Browning and Lake Bell's characters disappear leaving Emma Stone's character behind.

The phone then rings for Emma's character and is a elusive Ghostface whom begins threatening her and also begins mentioning how a Windsor College Murders victim Casey Cooper was killed in this very house only moments after her roomate Dawn Fletcher left for an across the street party.

Eventually then pops out the Ghostface with Dawn's mutilated corpse and the tied up still consious Emily Browning's character.

The ghostface unmasks as Lake Bell.

Campus security eventually comes rushing in and shoot down an advancing Lake Bell.

Emma however remains on the floor with Emily Browning's character whom is bleeding to death.

As Campus Security approach the two Emma pulls out a large butcher's knife and stabs Emily straight in the heart.

She then pulls herself off the ground and out of her little crying session to say it was the movies fault (a homage to how Scream 2 killer Mickey Altieri had planned with the Windsor College Murders to kill everyone and be caught so that he could in trial bring up it's the horror movies' fault for his psychopathy.)

Rachel McAdams, Chris Evans and Cody LongoEdit

One of the opening Ghostface Abroad Sequences involves former John Milton modern horror movies actress Elena Turner arriving home at night to her house and suffering a lights power out but not a complete power out (her phone lines are in tact(.

She receives a threatening Ghostface call eventually upon being threatened loses power to her phone.

Her about to die Mobile Phone is quicklyn snatched by her and in the limited time she has she is forced to call her last caller: Out of town neighbour Steefs Ellis whom she had just cheated on her last film on set boyfriend with.

She asks him to call the police upon getting in touch with him and tells him someone is trying to kill her.

She then is attacked by the Ghostface caller.

She stabbed multiple times and left bleeding to death on the kitchen floor.

As this happens another Ghostface emerges and both unmask revealing to be Steefs Ellis and her former on set boyfriend Harrison.

Harrison tells her as she is bleeding to death that unfaithful dried up horror movie actresses shoudn't be allowed to slip of a psychopath's radar that easy especially with the lifes she ruined.

The two then reveal themselves to be gay and had conspired since her offering in the film Stab 4 and them watching it to murder her in the all so popular get up of the Ghostface Killer.

Elena in her almost last breaths pushes herself forward however and kicks Harrison in his weak shin and then proceeds to kick upwards landing a hit in Steef's face.

She then attempts to crawl towards the house alarm but is stopped by a quick getting up Steefs.

He strikes Elena multiple times in the face and then proceeds to drag her into her living room which has the film Stab 6 playing.

Steefs then supports Elena's head up and parts his final words to her of: "We thought we would take a stab" before ramming her head into the lounge room t.v.


The film begins with multiple sequences showing many people over the world whom courtesy of the Stab Films and real Ghostface murders don the costume or persona in killing.

A New York Grind Boxing Match is plagued by a Ghostface killer whom murders a five star champion boxer and many others out of competition.

A young girl attending the Comic Con event of Stab is brutally stabbed to death by her dumped boyfriend who adopts the Ghostface costume and classic combat knife.

An Alchoholic mother who lets her eight year old sons watch horror films is killed by them as they put on their ghostface halloween costumes and murder her.

Famous Hollywood A-List Actress Jessica Alba is almost murdered by an obsessed fan donning a Ghostface costume and knife.

After these brutal showings the scene takes us to three teenage girls getting ready to go to the movies.

The three girls: Hayley McDonald, Alice Nightingale and Marcie Perkins from the neighbouring town of Woodsboro Bridgetown's High School are Stab Fanatics whom have saved up through different means in order to watch the Midnight Preview Screening of the new Stab 9: The Return of Sidney Prescott.

They come to the movies and watch fooling around in their Ghostface costumes and with their rubber knives.

Even at the movies Hayley runs into her high school crush Daniel Bowen who has come to watch a Motorbike movie instead.

Following the movie the girls part ways.

Marcie seperates to go back to her apartment home whilest Alice and Hayley take off to go back to Hayley's apartment for a Stab-a-thon movie session.

However soon Hayley's apartment phone rings and upon answering is a Ghostface caller.

The caller calls on their location by asking how their own little Stab-a-thon is going.

He then begins to threaten the two and strange noises and shakings frighten the two girls.

Hayley locks the apartment door whilest Alice locks the windows and other entrances.

Hayley holds onto the phone still in conversation with the threatening Ghostface caller whilest Alice then gets her Mobile Phone and steps into the background to call the police.

Her Mobile however has been tampered with and all that pops up upon being turned on is a Ghostface Screensaver Graphic with the below text: The Final Stab.

The Ghostface caller calls on Alice trying to call the police and becomes angry saying that he will swing in and make do with his chosen beginning victims.

Upon this as Alice rushes forwards to Hayley a large lights board smashes through an apartment fire escape window with a Ghostface mask on it which frightens Alice.

Alice then in panic rushes forwards to the apartment door unlocks it and flees out onto the apartment floor staircase.

There in the vacant next door apartment emerges the Ghostface caller who ambushes her up against the stair railing and stabs her twice in the sides of the chest.

He then headbutts her off the stairs and causes her to fly down and land on the bottom stair bar which she cracks her head on.

Hayley in the meanwhile rams her apartment door shut screaming.

She locks and pushes a bookcase down in front of it.

She then attempts to call the police through the Apartment Phone and is launched on by another Ghostface whom renders her unconsious with chloroform.

The title card of the film then appears before pressing onto the next scene.

The next scene shows a long dream sequences involving Sidney Prescott where she is in her old Woodsboro Home and threatened by Ghostfaces whom proceed to rape and butcher her.

Upon unmasking them in the dream they are at first revealed to be Billy Loomis and Stu Macher but then through a flash revealed to be Sidney Prescott.

She awakens from the dream to a clear morning in the Roberts Residence with the phone ringing.

We then see Gale Riley with Dewey as a call in comes from the neighbouring town of Bridgetown's Sheriff who informs them that a killer has emerged with that very mask and knife of Ghostface.

Dewey informs Gale briefly of what's going on before darting out to his police car leaving her to call Sidney.

She then does so and we are taken back to the now awaken Sidney who receives the ominous news on the phone.

Sidney then gets up and looks at Kate Roberts' bedroom photos which contains photos of her with Maureen Prescott (Sidney's Mum) and with her other sister Maria Kellas.

A photo shows Maria with Kate Roberts, Jill Roberts, Maria's Husband and their children in their Bridgetown home which Sidney has just learnt a Ghostface killing has occured in.

Sidney packs up and prepares to depart just as Gale does.

The scene then shows dozens of press and police in the Bridgetown Town Square.

From there we meet the town Sheriff Laney Milton whom was the younger brother of the late horror director John Milton, The Stab 9 Stunt Crew whom are being bombared with questions and the stunt double for the returning protagonist Sidney gosspiping away on her phone.

Sidney and Gale come into the town in the Top Story 010's Newsvan for which Gale has given trying to be a stay at home writer to getting back into journalism (a less aggressive and wrong journalism as it states).

Sidney is sitting uneasy in the newsvan with Gale and her new camera-man is comforted by Gale and told that an old friend will be meeting them and Dewey in the town square.

The driver of the newsvan is revealed as being Gale's bodyguard and the newsvan arrives in the town square and Sidney steps out the whole press and town goes wild as well as the Stab 9 Gossipy Sidney Stunt Double Kelli Finnlan.

Kelli becomes aggressive questions when getting close to Sid and even states how she is nothing but a Batman Two-Face Toxin Bad Seed death omen whom sentences all those around her or even play her in films to death which then leads Sidney to punch her in the face (much in the manner as Sidney has done twice before to Gale in Scream 1 and 2).

As Sidney prepares to get on the Sheriff's stand to have a word with the press she spots a young man on a motorcycle who keeps eyeing her.

She begins to read off a speech she written this morning whilest on the trip to Bridgetown California.

The speech reads as a hopeful message to the killer whom had murdered two innocent girls the night before and abducted a third.

She claims that she is sick of the horror movie obsessive kill by bulls**t nonsense and says if he wants a victim some innocent life to strip over the simple fact of being gutless and having no life then to take hers.

Gale and Dewey rush to get Sidney off the stand upon hearing this ending of the speech.

Kelli Finnlan spouts out the B word at her whilest attempting to launch forwards at her which leads two guards to restrain just as the young motorbike propieting male speeds off.

Sidney upon getting off the stand and handing it back to Sheriff Milton is escorted back to the Top Story News van where she tells Dewey and Gale she wants to meet up with her Aunt Maria.

They advise against it in case she could be the killer and that the girl abduction and two young girl murders weren't just random killings.

From there drives in Martha Meeks whom is followed by the now Sheriff of Woodsboro Judy Hicks.

As they do the Stab 9 Stunt Double crew along with the director take spotting of Judy and are told by the Kirby Reed Stunt Double that is her sister.

The Kirby stunt double Marnie Hicks rushes over to her sister and embraces her in a hug right before Sidney, Martha, Gale and Dewey's eyes.

Eventually what transpiries is Sidney even though against Dewey and Gale's wishes heading to her Aunt Maria's house where she is greeted warmly by her and her young 11 year old cousins.

Sidney and Maria begin a long talk over the girl's murders and everything that has happened.

Sidney even brings up how Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers-Riley advised against her coming to her in belief that she might be the killer whom is planning a large killing spree and wants to add the prime survivour to the mix.

Maria assures Sidney she is not a psychopath wishing to kill her own family member and Dewey and Gale are smart for thinking so but are completely dead set wrong.

She expresses her strong hatred towards niece Jill for what she's done and how she's always been a different child.

Maria then lightens the mood by asking Sidney to join her and her cousins down on the floor with some snacks for a movie.

Sidney states that as long as it's not a Stab Movie or Scary Movie in General she'll watch.

The film they watch is Horton Hears a Who which eventually leads Sidney to fall asleep on the couch alongside her eleven year old little cousins.

Maria falls asleep on a single armchair but is awakened eventually by the t.v flashing onto the news report about the two Bridgetown Female Students murders and the abduction of the third named Hayley McDonald as well halting to the overral release of the new Stab 9: The Return of Sidney.

Maria get's up from her armchair and turns off the t.v upon hearing the news report glancing at the asleep Sidney hoping she has not heard or seen it.

Maria from there heads into the kitchen and opens up a cupboard containing her medications and her dead husband's gun which has secretly lodged beside it a Ghostface Mask.

Maria fails to notice the Ghostface mask still tired and yawning as she goes and grabs Panadol for splitting migraine she informed Sidney of earlier.

As she pours down mineral water and takes the medication the phone rings.

She goes over and answers the call which is that of the Ghostface.

The Ghostface tells Maria that she is one of the lucky to be cast in the first real life Stab Spin-Off.

He claims that her, prime time survivour Sidney Prescott, Second Rate Survivours Dewey Riley, Sheriff Judy Hicks and Gale Weathers-Riley will be killed as well her two little brats, the missing fan (Hayley McDonald) the lovely Stunt Cast of the Return of the beloved Prime Time Survivour and the dead geek's sister (Martha).

Maria panicks upon hearing this screaming at the Ghostface to leave them alone and that like all the sick freaks that came before him he will meet his end.

The Ghostface then claims he doesn't think he will and that her old medicine cabinet looks a little worn thin and that her perception and ability to survive lies on the same scale.

From there Maria panicks and immediatley dials 911 whilest rushing around the house locking all the doors.

The house' phone's reception is having inteference in getting touch with the Bridgetown Police Department.

Upon locking all the doors and getting in touch with Sheriff Milton Maria heads back to the kitchen and draws open her medicine cabinet containing the gun which she yanks for but doesn't indeed extract upon noticing the propped up Ghostface mask.

The large grandfather clock in her house then ticks midnight and upon sounding it activates the propped mask which gleams red as the eye sockets and says: "What's Your Favourite Scary Movie?."

Maria then screams on the phone as the mask detonates spiralling large sharp parts into her face and setting off a large bang.

Sidney then awakens along with the children and rush over to Maria whom is on the floor bleeding heavily from the face.

The phone on the floor still in touch with Sheriff Milton is seized by Sidney whom tells the Sheriff that Maria's been hurt by the killer and gives off the address as well as telling to hurry.

Sid then immediatley telephones the paramedics giving the address.

The ambulance then arrives along with the police.

Maris is carted into the ambulance along with Sidney and the two kids just as Sheriff Milton steps out.

Sheriff Milton from there then at the house immediatley dials Dewey and Judy whom pick up the call and head straight to the scene.

Dewey whom receives the call whilest sleeping alongside Gale gets straight up and doesn't bother to awaken her.

He tells their bodyguard to keep an eye on the premises and that he's heading out to the Kellas Residence.

Gale however awakens at the sound of Dewey taking off in his police car.

She heads downstairs enraged and is stopped briefly by her bodyguard whom tries to insist she stay at the house where she can be looked after.

Gale furious insists she go to the scene and that she'll be needed which then leads her bodyguard to agree and insist she'll drive just before dialling the camera-man.

As Dewey arrives on the scene and approaches Sheriff Milton Gale's bodguard Callie drives in with Gale and the camera-man.

Gale however takes over the wheel from Callie and speeds out on the drive way knocking a fence and mailbox.

The police then rush forward to apprehend Gale aqs she steps out from the news-van.

Gale however pushes through them and heads torwards Dewey and Sheriff Milton.

She begins yelling at Dewey for just waking up and leaving her when another attack has just gone on escpecially one involving Sidney.

Dewey proclaims she was simply sleeping and the didn't want to wake her that he was going to take her up to the hospital in the morning to see Sid and her aunty.

Callie whom is standing in the background watching over has her attention directed torwards the Kellas Residence which then loses a side of it's house as an explosion takes off along with a Ghostface laugh sounding.

Meanwhile whilest the explosion is sounding off Gale's camera-man whom was still getting ready in the news-van is attacked by the Ghostface whom appears out of the front seat and proceeds to brutally stab the camera-man to death.

Following the explosion sounding off and the police rushing off towards it and Sheriff Milton radio phoning the fire department Gale's news-van opens up and out suspends the camera-mans bloody body which leads Gale step back off near Dewey in horror and the bodyguard Callie to rush off to Gale and grab her shoving her away.

The police then rush back towards the news van.

Dewey stares blatanly in horror and Sheriff Milton on the police car radio looks away in horror.

The scene then takes us to the Hospital where Maria is rushed to intensive care with Sidney following and the two kids Amy and Declan following.

They are then told not to proceed any further except for Sid.

Sheriff Judy Hicks then enters alongside Martha Meeks.

Sid tells Martha to stay and look after the kids whilest Judy checks in with the receptionists.

Sidney then enters surgery and watches as the doctors proceed to remove the glass shards from Maria's face.

She is saved succesfully but still remains in a state of unconsiousness for which she is transferred to a hospital room.

Gale, Dewey, Sheriff Milton and Callie then enter the hospital just as Sid comes back into the waiting room to collect Amy and Declan to go see Maria in her room.

Sidney launches into an uspet hug with Gale and Dewey and tells them exactly what happened in short.

Judy whom is talking to reception is then joined alongside by Callie.

Sidney, Martha, Gale, Dewey, Callie and the two kids from there are allowed to come to the room whilest Sheriff Judy must wait outside with Sheriff Milton.

From there Maria is awake and drousy.

They comfort her and Sidney then asks bluntly what happened.

Maria in slow tells how she got a call and he said he was going to kill her, Sidney, that stab film cast, her kids and the others.

She tells Sidney how he wants to make an apparent spin-off.

Sheriff Milton and Sheriff Judy are then allowed to enter and begin their questioning.

Sidney asks Gale, Martha and Dewey to meet her in the empty opposite Hospital room whilest the kids and Judy and Milton remain with Maria.

As the group enters the empty room and Martha closes the door Sidney begins her talk.

She says how this new psycho is playing it too close to home and that Maria nearly lost her life back there and the mark for death of two small innocent twelve year old children cannot be carried out.

As the group shares on what's going on Sidney says they're going to catch who this is and have done straight away skipping the whole lots of innocent lives taken bulls**t.

Dewey asks to how they are go to do this and the scene then flashes onto the stunt cast of Stab in their Bridgetown Stab 9 Set Warehouse preparing for a group conference with the director.

The director calls upon all of them and tells how Stab 9 is shut down and that the film has been banned in at least six withstanding countries not including Japan.

The stunt cast goes on to complain and Kelli with her bag places a camera down inside it (the same manner as Gale did in Scream 3).

As the cast begins to ask why due to two murders, some missing girl and some mum who got injured as to why the film has to be basically banned worlwide.

The Director then states on the insistance of the Bridgetown Department which had formerly legalized this film's production in their town and on the insistence plea of Sidney Prescott they are not have this film played anywhere within the state town stretch length of Woodsboro to Ann Arbor.

The director then tells how a closing party in celebration on the excellent film we did produced will held at his house with the cast attending, the prosphetics department attending and him himself attending.

Upon closing with this final statement to the stunt cast he takes a sip of wine in a glass in his hand and takes off.

Marcie Hicks; Judy's sister and the stunt double of Kirby Reed then approaches and states how the film's actual screening closure least will ensure that none of them end up gutted or with their throats slit.

Gale's stunt double Helena then replies with Don't Be So Sure.

From there we then see Judy pull up in her car with Martha as they discuss Sidney tasking them with attempting to find the kidnapped girl Hayley McDonald.

As they pull up they are frightened as Dewey along with Gale approach the car.

They tell how they are tasked with monitoring the marked for death Stab 9 Stunt Cast and how Gale's news-van with all her reliable equipment is in the Bridgetown Police Garage.

Judy then receives a patching in through the radio from Sheriff Milton telling of a lead concerning Hayley McDonald: A Woodsboro Junkyard Propietor Man of whom she did clearing out for in return for the money which secured her a ticket to the Stab Midnight Preview Screening.

Judy and Martha head on over the Woodsboro Junkyard and the man and learn almost nothing interesting apart from the fact that the man heard Hayley blabber on many times whilest clearing out all the junk throughout the junkyard that she felt she was being watched in the last few days leading up the opening Midnight Screening of Stab 9.

From there Gale and Dewey arrive at the Bridgetown Stab 9 Set Warehouse where attempt to mingle with the refraining director who claims that he doesn't need to answer any questions and doesn't need their protection as is there is honestly no actual serial killer descending on these people just a couple of murders of two young skanky girls and the takings off with one.

They are then however approached by the Gale Stunt Double Helena Marq whom along with the Rebecca Walters Stab Double Cassidy, Robbie Stunt Double Robert and Trevor Stunt Double Carl.

Dewey and Gale inform them that with the attack of that mother came the threatening the message held off the press that a Ghostface Killer plans to murder off the Stunt Cast of Stab 9 as well them and a few others including the mother, her kids and Sidney.

Kelli Finnlan Sidney's Stab Double then overhears and interjects stating that she knew it, that Sidney was nothing but a bringer of death to any celebrity of any type let any person of any type.

Helena and Cassidy tell Kelli to back off just as she states there's no way she's attending the party tonight.

Gale asks to what party are they referring to and before they can answer enters the Stab 9 Ghostface Stunt Double Justin Nox and Robbie Stunt Double Tobias Richards.

They tell Dewey and Gale how there is a big wrap party at the director's exclusive Bridgetown Mansion and how they are planned to a make a special guest performance as well as well as basic appearences.

The scene is then taken to Maria in the hospital with her kids Amy and Declan whom are the end of her hospital bed talking to her.

They are still upset but she claims they will be in good hands with their big cousin Sid and the big deputy guy Dewey Riley.

Amy claims how Gale is a bit annoying and bossy though for which Maria replies with a laugh.

Then we see Sidney come back to her Woodsboro Home where there are two messages on the house phone.

The first is from her dad Neil Prescott whom was off in Europe taking care of business during the events of Scream 4 and says he has booked the next flight home upon hearing what's happened.

The second message is also from him saying how his next booked flight has been delayed and apparently won't be available for the next following days.

He promises to be home at her side though and asks for her to remain at home.

Sidney at the house however has come to collect a inventory of weapons she has stashed up in her bedroom as well as phone tracing equipment.

She grabs a handful of large durable knives including a combat knife matching the recurring Ghostface's knife.

She takes a handful of three guns she had stashed in her room and then takes off.

She passes out of Woodsboro passing the Roberts' residence in the process which she briefly glances at before heading out of Woodsboro and back to Bridgetown.

The scene then takes us back to Gale and Dewey whom are exiting the Stab 9 Warehouse Set and are both receiving a call.

Then the scene quickly takes on to Martha and Judy exiting the junkyard and heading to Judy's car when they receive a call as well, the scene then takes to the Stab 9 Stunt Double Cast whom are inside the Warehouse and are packing up and all receive calls, to Maria in the hospital with Amy and Declan when her mobile phone the hospital eating table rings and then finally to Sidney whom pulls up at the Hospital and's mobile rings.

Upon them all answering their phones they are threatened by the Ghostface killer who claims they are all going to die and that should in anyway the film Stab 9 be shown to an audience many others will die alongside them.

As the final name Sidney is said Sidney is seen rushing into the hospital and all the way into Maria's room.

She startles Amy, Declan and Maria as Maria had not indeed picked up her phone and heard the frightening message.

As Sidney enters the room and Maria asks to what is wrong the doctor enters and tells how Maria can now go home and that he has to pass on a message from Sheriff Milton and the fire department.

The message being that most of the house is fine and undamaged, however a portion of the residence has received heavy fire damage from an explosion which sounded off soon after she was taken off in the ambulance.

Sidney tries to interject in the conversation and tell Maria of the threatening chain calls but is cut off as a shocked Maria is concerned with what has happened to the house and wishes to see it.

Sidney is then forced to (though heavily uneasy) drive Maria, Amy and Declan to the house.

Maria is highly shocked at the house's damage and breaks down crying for which Sidney comforts her.

The scene is then on Dewey and Gale whom on a seperate scene with Judy and Martha racing to find Sidney.

Both duos come to the hospital and find that Maria and her kids have checked out with Sidney Prescott and that they were on their way back to the Kellas Residence.

The duos are then flagged down on the road outside the house by Sidney.

The duos and Sidney have a brief wording about the chain death threat calls and then come to help Amy, Declan and Maria into Judy's police car whom along with Martha offers to drive them to the Hicks residence as it is the most likely unknown residence of a marked victim of the Ghostface.

Gale and Dewey then inform Sidney of a large wrap party being held for the film Stab 9 where all involved are attending.

Sidney states how the the stunt double cast can't attend the party because it's an obvious place to be killed and asks wether they are still planning to attend upon receiving the phone calls from a minute ago.

Gale and Dewey tell of how only two people so far are not attending the party: Sidney's Stunt Double Kelli Finnlan whom she punched two days ago in the town square and Gale's stunt double Helena Marq.

Sidney then goes but there way too many more attending and that means they'll have to attend too.

The scene then takes us to Director Harvy Bridger's Bridgetown Mansion at night where the party has just started.

Cassidy Dowat, Robert Evanert and Carl Nette rock up at the party together where they are greeted by the drunk Tobias and Justin Nox.

Harvy is up on the top balcony overlooking his courtyard backyard pool with Stab 9 Prop Mechanic Big Al Caprone discussing the film's closure.

Al Caprone brings up how all the prop's and effects were flawlessly executed as well apart from the large wind effect fan in the old Warehouse set they have in town.

A Drunken Harvey then asks Al to go over and fix up the fan just so when all the final stuff is moved the repo will know all the merchandise they're shipping off was of the highest caliber.

As Al exits Justin and Tobias arrive on the balcony and begin in excitement talking to Harvy as Robert and Cassidy stand behind.

Harvy blocks off some off the conversation with Justin and Tobias to look over Cassidy who is giving a smiling glance.

The sounding for the party presentation then sounds and the group head off to their positions.

The scene is then taken to the Hicks Residence where Kirby Stunt Double and Judy sister Marnie is getting ready for the party.

Martha is accompanying Maria, Amy and Declan in the Hicks Residence lounge room watching Horton Hears a Who.

Judy having not been with Sidney, Gale and Dewey at the time they were discussing the danger of any of the stunt cast attending the director Harvey's party lets her sister get ready and take off to the party wishing her fun whilest throwing her bag.

The scene then takes us to Dewey, Gale, Sidney and Callie the bodyguard whom are at the Riley Residence.

Gale says that she will meet Sid and Dewey there as she's going to go round to the Police Garage and get back her news-van with all her equipment.

Callie is told and paid in a hundred dollars not to accompany Gale to the Police station but to instead stay and guard the house.

Dewey and Sidney instead then take off in Dewey's police car as Gale take's Sidney's car.

We then see Marnie Hicks arrive at the party and be greeted by her bestfriend and Olivia Morris Stab 9 Stunt Double Vanessa Verlin as well as Kate Roberts Stunt Double Lara Tumbin.

They ask Marnie about the frightening chain prank call that occured earlier today asking what she thought of it and where she was when she got it.

She tells how she was off getting coffee down the street and that she didn't get the call asking to what the pranker said.

Before they can say however down comes the director who claims his star stunt double has arrived guiding her upstairs.

Lara and Vanessa then engage in a quiet conversation which is interrupted by Cassidy.

As Cassidy says the prank may not have been a prank at all Lara remembers she left her phone at the Warehouse.

She then bids a quick goodbye as she goes to fetch the phone.

Just as Lara gets in to her car and departs Sidney and Dewey arrive at the party.

The scene then takes us to Justin and Tobias whom are upstairs in Harvey's Mansion and preparing for their special presentation which then leads them to opening a hall closet of which the viewer does not see inside as the seen then takes us to Big Al Caprone opening the Warehouse Set doors.

As he does Lara rolls up and tells him to wait as he prepares to close the doors upon entering.

She tells how she being forgetful left her phone inside near the Woodsboro Town Square Set Structure.

She heads on in as Al shuts the door and heads on over to the large wind blow fan.

As he turns on and the fan goes faulty Ghostface appears and flicks on the fan to full bore and uses cords beneath Al's feet to reel him and connect him to the running fan.

The cords then pull him into the fan in yanks and Lara attempts to release him just as she got the phone message upon picking up her phone that her time has come.

She fails however and Al is pulled straight into the large running prop fan which splits him up into pieces and splats him all over Lara. Upon this another message comes to her phone reading below the first one NOW.

The randomley shutting and opening Warehouse set doors which began doing so upon the Fan killing Al and breaking up all the electrical stuff in the room then let in the Ghostface killer again whom advances at Lara.

She dodges his first advance and then begins running across the sets which become lit as she enters them.

She eventually comes to the Set Prop Section and to the Woodsboro High Prop Section.

There she comes across a row of three lockers the middle being the prop locker of Jill Roberts.

Lara jumps inside the locker hides inside it as the Ghostface begins running and searching for her.

The scene then takes us back to the party at the point where Sidney and Dewey are entering and slipping around looking for the Stunt Cast Members.

They are able to rally all up apart from Justin and Tobias whom are upstairs preparing for their special presentation.

They are also told by Vanessa that Lara the Kate Roberts Stunt Double has head on back to the Warehouse to get her phone which she left.

Upon hearing this Dewey runs back headed for his car whilest Sidney pulls out her mobile and yells for Lara's number.

Vanessa upon getting yelled at struggles to respond and provide it fast enough leaving Cassidy to read it out from her phone.

Sid then speed dials the number as Dewey jumps into the police car and zooms off for the set.

We are then taken back to Lara in the Jill Roberts' Prop Locker as she receives the phone call from Sid.

The Vibrating coming as she is receiving the call alerts Ghostface to where Lara is.

Dewey then begins to pull up at the Warehouse set as Ghostface flashes on the lights of the Woodsboro High Prop Section showing Lara through the locker door slits that he is right in front of her.

Lara screams as Ghostface begins to ram his knife through the locker door.

He does so many times but doesn't seem to get her.

Dewey then comes and opens up the Warehouse doors calling out her name and letting out a yell upon seeing Al's diced up body.

At that moment Lara is impaled in the chest as Ghostface rams his knife through the locker door again.

This does not however kill her and as Dewey begins to race from set to set hearing the noise in the Prop Section Woodsboro Section The Ghostface seizes the locker and pushes it down leading her to be crushed as the locker smashes up on the ground seeing as the locker was made of a very fine type of aluminium steel.

As Dewey discovers the body Harvey Bridger's Party Speech concerning the closure of Stab 9 begins.

He states to the partygoers and actual Stab 9 partygoers that the town through the simple murders of only two girls and fire of a mother's house that their film which took a glorious twelve months to create should be not allowed in cinemas in any town country anywhere.

He then goes on to say that despite the town's jump at a past shadow we still have a talented bevy of actors, actresses, stunt crew and production crew whom will as I have predicted move onto better things.

Upon saying the we have bit of the speech out pops Justin Nox dressed in his Ghostface costume and Tobias dressed as Casey Becker with fake blood stains on his fake Casey Sweater.

As Justin in the Ghostface costume proceed to fake stab the Casey dressed Tobias a gunshot sounds below and Sheriff Milton emerges along with many officers whom are prepared to break up the party.

Sidney turns to look at Sheriff Milton as he looks at her and then they both turn to look at the balcony where Harvey Bridger, Tobias Richards and Justin Nox were to see they have gone.

We are then taken to Justin and Tobias whom are in the upstairs hallway celebrating their little performance.

Tobias goes to return his Casey Costume while Justin has a bit more a fool around in his Ghostface costume.

Tobias then comes to a Hallway closet which he opens up and then receives a message on his phone.

The Message reads His Time Has Come..... NOW.

At that instant the scene briefly comes to Justin in his Ghostface costume mucking around pretending to box whilest wielding the rubber combat knife.

Then Tobias turns scoping the surroundings.

As he does the Ghostface costume hanging up in the closet advances forward impaling Tobias in the chest with a large blow up pump.

The scene then shows Sidney and Sheriff Milton racing forward past the crowd attempting to enter the house.

They are however cut off as Cassidy, Vanessa and Robert come out.

Tobias is then seen getting gutted by Ghostface's knife before the scene comes to Justin who only then picks up the noise of the killing.

Harvey's usptairs house phone then rings which Justin answers upon no one coming along to do so.

Ghostface then on the phone threatens Justin saying that only the true killer or killers should be donning the costume he is wearing.

He says how in the olden days those who mimicked the appearence of a killer would themselves be killed and in most circumstances set up in flames.

Ghostface then pops up and advances

Justin fights him off at first dodging any wounds.

He then attempts to escape the room but finds the door locked.

The Ghostface killer then spirngs up and stabs forward at him but still misses any blows.

Justin then knocks Ghostface away and storms through the hallway out for the rumpus room leading to the balcony.

As he comes into the rumpus room he sees Tobias gutted body strung up by rope to the rumpus room roof with his blood covered mobile phone vibrating on the ground.

Justin distracted by Tobias' body and the still vibrating phone is launched upon by Ghostface.

As Justin begins to punch him off and attempts to take off the ghostface costume he is in he is finally stabbed once in the back.

The scene then briefly takes us Sidney trying to get past Cassidy, Vanessa and Robert but is grabbed by Sheriff Milton.

At this moment we are shown Justin being stabbed a brutal amount of times and set alight by the Ghostface's lighter which ignites the easily flamnable (the suit is desribed at this earlier on) suit as it is smeared in blood which acts as a gasoline.

Justin who at the point was semi-consious for the brutal stabbings immediatley regains full consiousness upon being set alight and struggles across the room destroying much of it.

He is then seen finally heading torwards the balcony glass doors before the scene cuts immediatley from there to Sidney Prescott with Sheriff Milton who breaks free of him and says she has got to go in there and finish this that someone is trouble up there in that room.

Sheriff Milton tries to push her aside as he attempts to go in stating that you mustn't put yourself in any harms way that you've been through far too much and she should let them take care of it.

Sidney breaks free again of Sheriff Milton's arm and screams I'm Sick of Screaming and at that very moment the glass balcony doors to the balcony above smash open and Justin whom is alight in his Stab 9 Ghostface costume comes flying down into the courtyard fountain which kills him as he makes impact with it.


Following the Woodsboro California Anniversary Massacre a new ghostface emerges in the neighbouring town of Bridgetown.

This ghostface plans to lay down the rules of a horror spin-off and begins his rampage with the murders of two Bridgetown Senior Stab Fanatic Females who attend the midnight screening of the just completed Stab 9: The Return of Sidney.

He also kidnaps a third Bridgetown Senior Stab 9 Fanatic girl who attended the midnight screening named Hayley McDonald (Georgie Henley).

The production for a potential Stab 10 is then halted by these murders and the Woodsboro Anniversary Survivours: Sidney Prescott, Now only officer Dewey Riley, Once Again reporter Galey Riley and now Sheriff former Deputy Judy Hicks roll into town.

Soon the Stab 9 Stunt Doubles begin to have their final curtain call and the original survivours seperate.

For meanwhile in Bridgetown Sidney's only left Aunty Maria (The younger sister of her mother Maureen and aunty Kate) receives threatening phone calls from the spin-off Ghostface claiming her, her two brats and husband will die along with many others.

Sidney and the Bridgetown police take to protecting that family whilest Dewey and Galey who are on the brink of ending their marriage take together to protecting the Stab 9 Stunt Doubles (What remains of them) and the now Woodsboro Sheriff Judy Hicks aligns with former Windsor College victim and Woodsboro survivour Randy Meeks' sister Martha to search for the abducted Bridgetown Senior Hayley.

The film ends with the Main Killing Spin-Off rules following Ghostface turning out to be Judy Herself who reveals to have always had an obsession with Sidney and upon Sidney's cousin Jill's plan developed the same idea for a plan.

A Ghostface partner is revealed as the Kirby Reed Stab 9 Stunt Double Marnie who is Judy's younger sister.

All the receivers names are then stated by the Ghostface as he claims they are going to die.

The two had the plan to form a website of those who do not get the spotlight whom go unoticed and have that sadistic urge to kill.

The Website is planned to for creation at the same moment of the Stab 9 Opening Night Screening at the Bridgetown Theater where it so happens is the place where Hayley McDonald is (tied up along with Judy and Marnie's equipment in the projection room).

Sidney along with surviving Stab 9 Stunt Double Helena Marq make it to the projection room and battle with the two Hicks whilest Hayley attempts to free herself.

Gale and Dewey awake in the Stab 9 Warehouse set tied together with explosive barrels surrounding them (a replication of the scene from Christopher Nolan's Batman Film: The Dark Knight).

They are able to escape but Gale suffers severe burns (a nod to the creation of the Aaron Eckhart Two-Face in the Dark Knight) and the film ends with Sidney following engaging battle with Judy on the roof of the Bridgetown theater plummets down and they both die upon impact of hitting the ground.

Hayley escapes with Helena and the two meet up with Dewey Riley upon the paramedics coming to collect them.

Dewey attempts to enter the same ambulance as the burnt Gale but she refuses him and instead passes out her wedding ring to him.

As Gale's ambulance passes off on the ambulance radio the song Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is heard.

Sidney's Death ControversyEdit

There was much critical acclaim and applause at the death of the Scream series main surviving protagonist Sidney Prescott.

Many believed the death would take place in the fourth film however unfortunatley Sidney survived on again.

However Sidney could of survived the fifth Scream and the film would of still been a success as the box office gross and critic's acclaim for it's intelligent story and already great twists were already in high elevation.

Series longtime writer though Kevin Williamson believed it was time for Sidney to finally die in a poetic amazing way which neatly contribute to the series and pave way for a new arising in the sequel and final instalment of the series: Scream 6 (Sc6eam).

Original Killers- Original ScriptEdit

In original planning Sidney's Aunt Maria and her teenage neighbour Daniel Bowen were to be the Ghostfaces of the film as Kevin had originally scripted however Craven in revising it thought they would make great killers however he believed to make the film solid it would have to the characters Judy Hicks and her stab 9 stunt double sister.