Janet has being stalked by an infamors ghostface and sidney see her pregnant daughter getting chased by ghostface and she And Her Daughter Runs to their house and Randy see the killer janet is wounded and janet husband and 3 kids went to see their mother janet was still pregnant and sidney and janet went to dewey and gale's house and sidney said "It's Happening Again once I punched gale twice I got chase by the killer twice and then my brother stalked me and then jill tried to kill me and now janet got chased" and the killer called Janet and Sidney see her daughter in I labor and she has the baby and named it after her father mark and he visit his daughter in hospital and joel and dewey look up the killer with gale And Sidney and Janet and randy is feeding the baby while they look up the killer and cotton and janet were reading their horror movie script and roman Is holding his nieces child while the killer is jill again and Sidney didn't care cause she got a daughter and a two son and Josh said "Francine, do you even like Roger Cause I'm thinking we may have done enough for him" form American dad and roman is still holding the baby and the killer calls and cotton and Janet Have sex and cotton See janet in the shower and they have sex in the shower and janet is pregnant with cotton baby and she get home and Sidney Talk with her daughter and her husband and their friends and her brother


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott the mother of the teenagers  janet and josh and carlos and the wife of Detective Mark Kincaid
Courteney Cox As Gale Riley
Johnny Simmons As Carl Kincaid
Angus T. Jones as Josh kincaid
Duane Martin As Joel Jones
Heather Graham as Janet/Stab Casey
W. Earl Brown as big daddy
David Arquette as Dwight "Dewey" Riley
Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks
Scott Foley as Roman Bridger
Liev Schreiber as Cotton Weary
Jennifer Aniston as Samantha Prescott the sister of sidney
Jamie Campbell Bower As Daniel Riley the husband of Janet Kincaid and the
Charlie Saxton as Wallace Richardson
Lisa Kudrow as Carmen Prescott the aunt of sidney and the step aunt of roman
Brooke Shields as Jennifer Roberts The sister of maureen Prescott
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Janet Annia Kincaid The wife Daniel
Patrick Dempsey as :Mark Kincaid
Emma Roberts As Jill Roberts who dies in the end killed by janet Kincaid and roman bridger
Linda cardellini As Kim Cassidy
Milla Jovovich As Jenna Cartman
Ali Larter As Kathrine Prescott the sister of Neil
A. J. Cook as Nicole Jonas
Lucas Grabeel as Harry Jonas
Jake T. Austin as Daniel the son of Janet and Daniel and the brother of jorg and John and unborn sister and sophie
Elizabeth Daily as jenda Castle the sister of dewey
Jessica Biel as Nailed Girl 2
Jennifer Love Hewitt as [[Joanna
Holly Marie Combs As Nailed Girl 1
Alyssa Milano as laurie
Erica Leerhsen as Norma Riley The Older Sister of Jenna and Dewey
Shannen Doherty as katie
Steven Yeun as Yoichi Takano The friend of janet and daniel from high school
Roger L. Jackson as The voice of Ghostface