Todd Roberts (alias Todd Balstrow) is the main antagonist of 5CREAM

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Todd Roberts
Alias: Todd Balstrow
Portrayer: No actor chosen
Location: Sacramento, California
Occupation: Student, serial murderer
Family: Jill Roberts, Sidney Prescott, Kate Roberts, Roman Bridger, Maureen Prescott, Neil Prescott
Stab actor: Unknown
Appearance: 5CREAM
Status: Deceased

Character BiographyEdit

Todd had a happy life at home with his parents, distant cousins of Maureen Prescott. However, they were both killed in a house fire and Todd was told he would go live with his other distant cousin, Jill Roberts in Woodsboro. Before he could move to be with Jill and her mother, Kate, he discovered that Sidney Prescott had killed Jill, and Kate was also dead. He was informed that his other cousin, Roman Bridger, had also been killed by Sidney, leaving him alone, unless he was to live with the person who killed two of his relatives. Sidney refused to take Todd in, however, because she didn't think she was able to take care of a child. Todd was sent to a Lutheran orphanage in Sacramento, where he spent about a year of his life brewing an obsessive grudge. He later plotted to create a fourth Ghostface copycat murder spree, with the ultimate goal of killing Sidney and framing her for the murders. He recruited two accomplices, Angie Crick and Martha Meeks. Angie was a classmate of Sidney's at Windsor College, who became obsessed with her and later Sidney got a restraining order against her, deciding that the only way to get her attention was to murder people. Martha was enraged that Gale Riley changed the circumstances of her brother, Randy's death, to better fit her book, as she had done with her original cameraman, Kenny Jones. Martha kills Gale and Todd almost kills Dewey, but leaves after Dewey points a gun at his face, realizing he forgot to take the safety off. This allows Todd to escape and corner Sidney in her motel room, where he shoots Martha and Angie. However, Kirby arrives and kicks Todd's own knife into his heart, mortally wounding him. Todd painfully removes the knife and tries to throw it at Sidney, but is shot in the windpipe by Dewey before he can throw the knife, killing him instantly. 


Todd was exceptionally psychotic, and he was the only Ghostface to actually admit this, aside from Billy and Stu, and also Mickey. After Sidney tries to play to his emotional side and says that Jill killed her own mother and likely would have killed him too, Todd asserts that he would have been killing with her, explaining that mental illness is hereditary. Todd openly blames himself for his murders, yet is so obsessed with revenge that he is determined to kill Sidney and the survivors of the previous murder spree. He used extremely violent methods and was the most brutal and disturbing Ghostface since the first spree. His murders involved disembowelment or scalping, among numerous other violent methods. Todd modeled his murder spree off of the popular horror prequel genre, greatly scaling up the violence and also revealing important, new information in a way similar to the third film. When on the phone with his victims, he used similar tactics to Billy and Stu, terrifying his victims in such a way the two had done. 

Todd was the most intelligent Ghostface since Roman Bridger. He used various methods to kill his victims to fool the police, who only look for a serial killer if there's a consistent modus operandi. By killing his victims in various ways, the police would have trouble distinguishing a random murder from a spree killer. He also used different outfits to further confuse the police and trick his victims into doubting their sanity. This helped because the murders took place around Halloween, so the victims didn't know if they were random trick-or-treaters because the killers were never wearing the same costume to watch for. 


Todd had a total body count of eight, the same as his sister. He attacked several more but did not succeed in killing them.