Will Henshaw
Alias: William Henshaw
Portrayer: Ben Barnes
Occupation: Busboy
Family: Unknown
Stab actor: Unknown
Appearance: Scream: The Generation of Death
Status: Alive

Willam Will Henshaw was the main antagonist in Scream: The Generation of Death, he is Jessica Miller's love intrest. He's 19 and has brown hair. Loves the Stab Movies and unlike any of the horror movie geeks, he hates Freddy Krueger. He was inspired by a webcam chat he had with Jessica Miller that he moves from London to Hollywood to Woodsboro to catch up and be with his girlfriend Jessica and also do some work himself.

He is Portrayed by Ben Barnes.


He was born in the british city of London, were he grew up and went to a college. Then online he texted a girl named Jessica Miller, who loved him even though they never met until he moved to Hollywood were he got inspired by the Stab Movies and was dying to make his own. But it wasn't until a New Stab movies in ages released and he decided it was time to make one of them a reality, then turning into a psycho he turned into an obssesion and finaly 2 years later he moved to Woodsboro and connected with girlfriend Jessica Miller and he decided to continue his terrifiying spree of murders of where else than Woodsboro the original town of the previous murders. But it wasn't until 3 months later when his identity was revealed to girlfriend Jessica Miller and he aimed was to make an end to it once of for all. But on the news the horrifying news was told about her mother's and before she could do anything Will fleed town and killed else where. 


  • He is the only killer that has actually succesed in killing 16 people and got away from the cops. 

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